Match №3

The match № 3, group round, group A

January 19th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 5000 spectators

Russia – Kazakhstan 1:0 (1:0)

Referee: Ivanov, Stipidi, Stepanov

Russia: Zaytsev, Khodyrev, Byrnash, Checherin (c), Ghestokov, Pomerko, Vasil'ev, Makhmudov (Bayramyan, 46), Bydanov (Del'kin, 46), Zabolotniy (Voynov, 87), Kyz'michev (Bibilov, 64)

Head coach: Nikolai Pisarev

Kazakhstan: Tkachuk, Daytov (с), Kuat (Azamatov, 75), Tagybergen, Islamkhan (Levin, 69), Khighnichenko (Akhmetov, 66), Prokopenko (Shetkin, 34), Beisebekov, Goryachiy, Lisenkov (Jolchiev, 63), Shomko (Kunov, 63)

Head coach: Slobodan Krchmarevich

Goal: Zabolotniy (23)

Yellow cards: Makhmudov (18), Azamatov (86)

Best players: Pomerko, Khighnichenko


Head coach of Russian team Nikolai Pisarev:

– It is very important for us to win today. Firstly, today is the 100th anniversary of Football Union of Russia and secondly – the presence of the VIP-persons FIFA, UEFA and the FUR. And it is also really important to start this tournament with the victory. At the very beginning of the match sportsmen were a little nervous, then dealt with the emotions and scored a goal, which was victorious. I also like the fact that today both youth teams have shown a real grown-up football. I think that Kazakhstan is stronger than all our next opponents.

Head coach of Turkmenistan team Slobodan Krchmarevich:

– I'm an ethnic Serb. Serbian and Russian are fraternal nations. I love Russia, and it is always a great pleasure to come here. But today, I coach the national team of Kazakhstan, and so upset that Russia won. We missed a little. I am happy with the result, with the exception of mistakes, one of which led to a missed goal. The main aim for the tournament is to take place no lower than third.

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