Match №7

The match №7, group round, group A

January 20th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Kazakhstan – Turkmenistan 3:1 (1:0)

Referee: Nizovtsev, Bogdanov, Petrosian

Kazakhstan: Tkachuk, Daytov (с), Kuat, Tagybergen (Shetkin, 46), Islamkhan (Levin, 76),

Khighnichenko, Beisebekov, Goryachiy, Lisenkov (Kunov, 89), Shomko, Jolchiev (Prokopenko, 83)

Head coach: Slobodan Krchmarevich

Turkmenistan: Babaev, Annasakhtov, Italmazov (Borjakov, 87), Mamedov (Tuvakov, 85), Saparov, Gel'dyev (c), Astanov M., Astanov U. (Allanurov, 89), Kurbanov (Magtymov, 73), Abdurakhmanov, Muradov (Paltaev, 79, Durdyev, 90)

Head coach: Bayramdurdy Durdyev

Goals: Muradov (22), Lisenkov (66), Shetkin (73, 90)

Yellow cards: Kuat (17), Lisenko (71), Saparov (73), Gel'dyev (73), Beisebekov, (79), Shomko (81)

Best players: Shetkin, Gel'dyev


Head coach of Kazakhstan team Slobodan Krchmarevich:

– It was a very hard match. I can see that my team is stronger and more technically and tactically skilled, but our opponent tied us up in the first half. In the second half of the match, I let on the field another tall and strong forward and soon it turned useful. At the very beginning he did not use few scoring chances. But soon he brought us a victory. I think he deserves to be the best player today. No wonder that we are going to play against Estonia for the 2nd place.

Head coach of Turkmenistan team Bayramdurdy Durdyev:

– We have only 18 players in our delegation and it is very hard to play two matches in a row. We were preparing for the tournament just 10 days. Is it enough to play in such tournament? The main problem in our team is absence of midfield player. We need such a player so much. But still, we continue to play football. I let on a field my son at the very end of the match. I see certain perspectives at him and I think you will see him during this tournament.

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