Match №15

The match № 15, group round, group A

January 22nd, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 150 spectators

Kazakhstan – Estonia 3:1 (2:0)

Referee: Seldyakov, Veselovsky, Bolotenkov

Kazakhstan: Tkachuk, Daytov (с), Tagybergen (Prokopenko, 87), Islamkhan (Kuat, 56), Khighnichenko (Jolchiev, 60), Shetkin (Akhmetov, 85), Kunov, Beisebekov, Goryachiy, Lisenkov (Levin, 68), Shomko

Head coach: Slobodan Krchmarevich

Estonia: Toom, Veis, Reintam, Jahhimovitch, Peitre, Podholyuzin (Torop, 76), Taar (Kaldoja, 46), Artyunin (Sinilaid, 66), Liivamagi (Tchegodajev, 66), Alliku (с) (Kase, 60), Indermitte (Laabus, 35)

Head coach: Frank Bernhardt

Goals: Khighnichenko (3), Shetkin (38), Tagybergen (86), Kaldoja (90)

Yellow cards: Beisebekov (18, 66), Тagybergen (28), Daytov (34)

Red card: Beisebekov (66, 2 y.c.)

Best players: Islamkhan, Liivamagi


Head coach of Kazakhstan team Slobodan Krchmarevich:

– At the beginning of the tournament I said that our minimum was to get the second place in the group. We had to win this match vs Estonia were our main opponents. I am glad that we won. But now the real fun begins. It is a pity that we lost a lot of energy and emotions on the way to the quarterfinals. My sportsmen had a lot of mistakes and unjustified yellow and red cards. Of course, first of all, it's my fault. I have been motivating my sportsmen all the time, but probably some of my words couldn't get to them. Now I do not want to guess who will be our next opponent in the next stage. I would only postpone matches with Russia, Ukraine and Iran.

Head coach of Estonia team Frank Bernhardt:

– We are realizing that the best place for us in this tournament is the third place in the group. Unfortunately, it did not happen. I've already talked about our main problem. We do not have sportsmen at forward position. One goal in four games proves it. We should not give up. There are many talented sportsmen National team of Estonia. The main tournament of this team is in the nearest future. Estonia hosts European Championship U-19. Naturally, the main goal is to show a good football there. As for me it is very interested to be a coach of this team.

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