Match №16

The match № 16, group round, group A

January 22nd, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 400 spectators

Russia – Turkmenistan 0:0

Referee: Shpilev, Vereteshkin, Dudenkov

Russia: Zaytsev, Shlyakov, Knyazev, Checherin (c), Kylesha (Byrnash, 77), Pomerko, Vasil'ev, Bibilov, Khodyrev (Bayramyan, 46), Zabolotniy (Del'kin, 19), Voynov (Bydanov, 46)

Head coach: Nicolay Pisarev

Turkmenistan: Gel'dyev B., Annasakhtov, Italmazov, Mamedov, Allanurov (Astanov U, 35), Gel'dyev A. (c), Astanov M. Borjakov, Kurbanov (Magtymov, 88), Abdurakhmanov (Durdyev, 90), Muradov (Paltaev, 64, Tuvakov, 77)

Head coach: Bairamdurdy Durdyev

Yellow cards: Italmazov (7), Khodyrev (33), Pomerko (39), Kylesha (50), Annasakhtov (79)

Red cards: Pomerko (43, 2 y.c.), Italmazov (73, 2 y.c.)

Best players: Bibilov, Mamedov


Head coach of Russia team Nicolay Pisarev:

– During four days of the tournament we had three matches. Sportsmen are emotionally exhausted. May be they have weak mental determination and calm about strong tournament position. The opponent never left the goal area even having an advantage in one player. The whole team was playing a defense game. They needed a draw and played to get it. Turkmenistan sportsmen didn't attack, played only defense line. We were in advantage, even in the minority controlled the match, tried to make scoring chances, but could not realize it. There are certain matches when you just can't score.

Head coach of Turkmenistan team Bairamdurdy Durdyev:

– We needed a draw, and we played to get it. Therefore we have chosen a defensive strategy. Even if Russian team would have one more send off we would also play a draw match. Russia is a very strong contender and we are happy with a draw.

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