Published on Thursday, 30 January 2014

news 20140130Coaches’ matches and communication

Representatives of all the teams participants have taken part in traditional coaches’ tournament of Commonwealth Cup. Four teams were gathered, each of them wore t-shirts of the Cup of different colors. “White” team represented the Baltics: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Asian squad consisted of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan; they took green color. Neighboring Belarus and Ukraine formed “yellow” team. Representatives of Russia and Moscow played in red t-shirts.

In the first semifinal “the whites” has met “the reds” in a tough fight. Representatives of Russia and Moscow won the match with the score 2:0. “The yellows” defeated “the greens” with 4:0. In the finals tension was high till the very last minutes. “The reds” had scored at the start and only in the end of match managed to increase the score with three goals without response. “The greens” had held their unapproachable defense nearly till the final whistle but conceded two goals in the end. They have got benefit for it: by decision of the Organizing Committee prizes were given to the first and the last team of the tournament. There were no losers, though. Everybody was happy with the possibility to talk to each other and play for pleasure. Tournament was finished with a collective photo, but participants continued their communication after matches, waiting for shuttle buses for hotel. The general feeling was that such tournaments help to talk in informal circumstances, so all the coaches were grateful to organizers for this possibility.

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