Match №1

The match №1, group stage, first tournament day

BELARUS – LATVIA 3:0 (1:0)

January 18th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, SCC Peterburgsky, 300 spectators

Referees: Vladimir Rogulyov, Alexandr Kudryavtsev, Ivan Kasyankov

Belarus: Saroka Ar., Sazanovich, Klapotski (c), Kavaleuski, Rajabau, Pramudrau (Lehchylin, 77), Bykau (Aniukevich, 62), Pushniakou, Valadzko (Novik, 82), Savitski (Nikitsin, 90), Saroka An. (Bombel, 72)

Head coach: Alexei Vergeenko

Latvia: Cizovs, Hmizs, Barinovs, Jagodinskis (c), Giļnics, Jermolajevs (Loginovs, 72), Mukins (Petruks, 46), Isajevs, Joksts (Flaksis, 83), Kļuskins (Stuglis, 79), Cistjakovs (Ulimbasevs, 75)

Head coach: Marians Pahars

Goals: Bykau (37), Saroka An. (71), Kavaleuski (90)

Yellow cards: Kļuskins (16), Pramudrau (63), Aniukevich (64), Ulimbasevs (76)

Best players: Pavel Savitski, Edijs Joksts

After match comments:

Head coach of the team Belarus Alexei Vergeenko:

– Not bad for the start! I mean the start of the tournament. I'm not happy with the playing itself, but I attribute it to the pre-season. We failed first 30 minutes, but then we managed to adjust the game, calm down and start to play as we can. I've been working with this team for half a year, so I know already what they are able to. I know in what positions they play in their clubs. By the way, I'm grateful that the clubs let their players go to play for the youth team in spite of the fact that they have pre-season trainings now. To tell the truth, I wouldn't be reluctant to let them go – everyone has his duties. I've told my players not to relax after the victory, for there's still too much to do. As you could see, I've been today a bit calmer than in the games of previous years. The thing is that I've been warned that the match was being TV-broadcasted – so one should control his words and emotions.

Head coach of the team Latvia Marians Pahars:

– My congratulations to the opponents team with the deserved victory. However, I think that the score doesn't reflect the real situation on the pitch. In comparison with Aleksey (the head coach of the Belarus team - author's note), I started working with this team only at January, 1and still don't know the names of many players. So I don't criticize them because we are just learning to work as the team. Nevertheless, the beginning of the match was not good for us. One more time, I'd like to say that this tournament is very important: it will help us to know each other better. Unfortunately two our key players couldn't come, one was injured and another fell ill.

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