Match №11

The match № 11, group stage, third tournament day


January 20th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 500 spectators

Referees: Sergey Kulikov, Aleksandr Bogdanov, Vereteshkin Andrey

Turkmenistan: Babaev B., Italmazov, Saparov, Soyunov, Annasakhedov, Tanayev (Kurbanov, 32), Astanov, Orazaliev (Komekov, 80), Tursunov (Ashyrov, 77), Durdyyev (Atamyradov, 54, Taganov, 88), Muhadov

Head coach: Rovshan Muhadov

Lithiuania: Lidakevicius (c), Nakrosius, Miskinis, Benetas, Dauksa, Dapkus, Verbitckas, Norvilas (Kazlautskas, 86), Veliulis, Laukzemis (Birskys, 46; Gedminas, 77), Spalvys

Head coach: Mindaugas Neoras

Yellow cards: Laukzemis (2), Dauksa (22), Nakrosius (32), Benetas (60), Italmazov (56)

Best players: Shohrat Soyunov, Veliulis Ernestas

After match comments:

Head coach of the team Turkmenistan Rovshan Muhadov:

– Unfortunately our energy was enough only for the first half of the game. All that time we played equally with the opponent but after the break the players were already tired. Moreover, some of my sportsmen have fallen ill. It looks like an epidemic. We couldn't react properly to the opponent's actions and as the result, players used to fall down a lot. Perhaps spectators wouldn't like it. Well, what to say, I also don't like when they fall down, especially with a scream. We train our players, telling them that if they want to play outside of the country they should learn how to play but not to fall down. I think I will be able to make them understand me. By the way, five our players are invited to the national team and the football there is much more serious!

Head coach of the team Lithuania Mindaugas Neoras:

– Well, even I can't understand what is sometimes going on in our team. It was logical if the players were tired from yesterday's match. That has been like this at the beginning. But in the second half everything changed. They started to run and to show a good game. We moved the game to the opponents' side of the pitch. However, we didn't manage to score. Unfortunately, we don't have many good-skilled players. Today I gave the chance to join to the game to one of our youngest players – Gedminas. You'll see he'll become a good sportsman after some time. But today it's too early for him to stay the whole match at the pitch. He is not in a shape yet. Though, he is speedy and dribbles well!

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