Match №13

The match № 13, group stage, fourth tournament day


January 21st, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Anton Anopa, Aleksandr Shimarygin, Roman Usachev

Belarus: Saroka Ar., Kruk, Klapotski (к), Rochau, Kavaleuski (Pushniakou, 54), Vasileuski, Lehchylin (Valadzko, 78), Nikitsin (Rajabau, 65), Novik, Bykau (Savitski, 75), Bombel (Sihnevich, 70)

Head coach: Alexei Vergeenko

Tajikistan: Saidrahmonov(Berdiev, 46), Ulmasov, Asrorov, Kodirov (Sharipov, 46), Abramov(Tilloev, 71), Davronov (c), Payzov (Zardiev, 57), Qurbonov (Rustamov, 46), Nazarov (Qosimov, 76), Ergashev, Gaforov (Khotam, 82)

Head coach: Mubin Ergashev

Goals: Gaforov (17), Lehchylin (25, pen.), Nikitsin (34), Vasileuski (65), Novik (73), Davronov (88, pen.), Sihnevich (89)

Yellow cards: Kavaleuski (30), Lehchylin (63), Lehchylin (82)

Best players: Lehchylin Aliaksei, Davronov Nuriddin

After match comments:

Head coach of the team Belarus Alexei Vergeenko:

– Today I renewed 85% of the main squad. I let players from the reserve to play. And I'm totally satisfied with the result. The guys were showing exactly that game what I was asking for. Well, it's worth to say that my team was not under pressure because we are already in quarterfinal. There were some mistakes but not serious. That's all because they are young, sometimes they forget that they play football and start improvising. All in all, it was a nice game today and I think the spectators liked it. By the way, I'd like to admit that the work of referees is much better at this tournament then at the previous ones. Believe me, we have enough examples to compare with.

Head coach of the team Tajikistan Mubin Ergashev:

– I've already said that this Belarus team is not only the best in our group but one of the contenders to the first place at this Tournament. I was trying to motivate my players for this match but it looks that I didn't succeed. However, nothing terrible happened. We're already in play-offs.
At home everybody watches us. I had a phone conversation with the Vice-President of our Federation and he said he was satisfied with the play of our team. Now we are eager to know who is going to be our opponent at the next stage.

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