Match №14

The match № 14, group stage, fourth tournament day

LATVIA – ESTONIA 1:0 (0:0)

January 21st, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 500 spectators

Referees: Vitaly Rushakoiv, Aleksey Krokhin, Alekseev Aleksey

Latvia: Grigorjevs, Jagodinskis (c), Gilnics, Barinovs, Joksts, Vardanjans (Flaksis, 89), Hmizs (Mukins, 46), Isajevs, Kluskins (Ostrovskis, 90), Jermolajevs, Stuglis (Svarups, 59)

Head coach: Marians Pahars

Estonia: Meerits (c), Podholuzin (Кkulinnich, 81), Ingerman, Mets, Pikk, Antonov, Raudsepp, Meel (Kalumjae, 66), Anier, Lepistu (Indermitte, 64), Liivamjagi (Kaze, 90), Metsa Leokin

Head coach: Martin Reim

Goals: Svarups (78)

Yellow cards: Joksts (35), Isajevs (42), Liivamjagi (70), Anier (73), Mets (90)

Best players: Edgars Vardanjans, Kevin Ingerman

After match comments:

Head coach of the team Latvia Marians Pahars:

– I have only positive impressions of the game. We are more happy that we've finally managed to score then that we won. It took us the whole year to score. However, this game can't be called spectacular – we had lots of battles and many players were injured. That's not easy to play such games. But the result is very important for us because we were playing against Estonia – our neighbors. The main thing is that we and especially our defenders could realize the game plan. We didn't let the opponents make long distance shots. We were preparing for this match and we managed to close our zones in defense. What's about substitutions, I always have a strong wish to change players within first 15 minutes. But I have wise cold-blooded assistants who don't let me do it. I didn't like that my players couldn't keep the ball. As the result it was difficult for our defenders to play, they had no moment to relax. But later we've improved the situation and started to play. Several minutes were enough for the player who went for the substitution to score the goal. That means the substitution was right.

Head coach of the team Estonia Martin Reim:

– I'm not satisfied with the game. I expected more. We haven't created enough dangerous moments: players couldn't start running at the right time, to pass the ball to each other in time. We have three players who came here later than others so we can say they have more energy. I expected an active and interesting play from them. But they didn't do it. Football players should have passion and desire in their eyes when they play. But instead of it they were working, not playing. Though, I know they can do it better. So it looks we almost don't have fast players who could help their team mates, to support an attack. Yet in the team there is no mutual understanding necessary to finish scoring moments, to be in time to receive passes from the wings of the attack.

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