Match №15

The match № 15, group stage, fourth tournament day


January 21st, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 500 spectators

Referees: Vladimir Rogulev, Oleg Veselovsky, Andrey Bolotenkov

Kyrgyzstan: Djanibekov, Kichin (c), Umarov, Shamshiev, Bekbolotov, Sharipov (Talantbekov D., 84), Sadikov, Talantbekov A. (Sharsheev, 84), Otkeev (Musabekov, 82), Kozubayev, Mambetaliev (Barsukov, 32)

Head coach: Anarbek Ornmonbekov

Uzbekistan: Amanov (Mirsoatov, 60), Saidov, Ubaydullaev, Mirabdullaev, Sharipov (Shamshitdinov, 70), Rekun (Sergeev, 60), Nuritdinov (Kozak, 60), Olimov (Abdumuminov, 60), Tashpulatov (c) (Mahstaliev, 60), Urinboev (Iskanderov, 60), Hakimov T.

Head coach: Akhmadjon Musaev

Goals: Tashpulatov (25), Kichin (41), Sharipov (58), Hakimov T. (71)

Yellow cards: Bekbolotov (84), Mahstaliev (84), Kozak (87)

Red card: Umarov (29)

Best players: Aziz Sadikov, Timur Hakimov

After match comments:

Head coach of the team Kyrgyzstan Anarbek Ornmonbekov:

– That was a very complicated game. We needed victory but because one of our players couldn't hold emotions he was sent off and we were left in minority on the pitch. I'm glad that guys showed their character and our ten players could dominate in score. Before the match I told to my players that we had to change the impression of our team that we're spoiling the game playing in only defense and tightening the time. Getting into the list of the quarterfinal was possible for us only in case of the victory. That's why I was "pushing" my team forward the whole match. Due to the same reason I placed an experienced defender Kichin at the very center of attack. Neither loosing nor the draw was suitable for us. Today we came here to win! But that's a pity that we couldn't realize it. Though, I'm sure we have left a good impression about our play.

Senior coach of the team Uzbekistan Akhmadjon Musaev:

– In comparison with our opponent, we had no goal only to win. That's why I preferred to give the initiative to them in this game. But soon I understood that our reserve couldn't pay at the same level as our main squad. That's why I've done 6 (!) substitutions at once. There came those who could strengthen the game. Perhaps if I've done it earlier, we would have won the match, but we could only equalize the score. I want to thank my colleague for such a spectacular and, somewhat adventurous football. You know I think the same way. I don't like when the match ends with the draw. The team should either win or lose the game. Such games make the players' character stronger!

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