Match №16

The match № 16, group stage, fourth tournament day


January 21st, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 1000 spectators

Referees: Kirill Levnikov, Dmitri Safyan, Aram Petrosyan

Russia: Lobancev, Nikitin (c) (Kutepov, 88), Zuev, Nikitinskiy (Golubev, 70), Semenov (Zotov, 88), Ambartsumyan (Kayumov, 46), Vasilyev (Mitrishev, 55), Panyukov, Bolov (Bocharov, 70), Lambarskiy, Obukhov

Senior coach: Nikolay Pisarev

Kazakhstan: Tkachuk, Sariev, Kogabaev, Pasichnik, Amirhanov (Grigoriev, 79), Kuat, Ajaganov (Baurgan, 87), Islamhan (c), Allajarov (Ulshin, 41), Lunin (Murtazaev, 80), Kaliganov

Head coach: Sergei Borovskii

Goals: Panyukov (2, 85, 90, pen.), Obukhov (14, 36, pen.), Lunin (27), Kaliganov (31), Mitrishev (74, 90), Islamhan (90)

Yellow cards: Kuat (2), Panyukov, (26), Pasichnik (34), Bolov (64), Bocharov (81), Grigoriev (90)

Red card: Kuat (35, 2nd yellow card)

Best players: Panyukov Andrey, Islamhan Bauirgan

After match comments

Senior coach of the team Russia Nikolay Pisarev:

– I called the previous game the most boring, however today's was the most amuzing. It showed the difference between youth and adult football. I'm glad, that today we managed to realize all our dangerous moments and to score so many goals. But when you lead 2:0, having on the player more, then the opponent has, you shouldn't be afraid of committing a mistake. This constraint pressed on guys. Leaders of the team must help their teammates to get free from this. After the game with Kyrgyzia some players were tired, so I had to rotate the squad a little. So, the line-up consisted of players, who felt better. At the same time, we were preparing to the match against Kazakhstan, we saw their games and studied their tactics: that helped us to win.

Senior coach of the team Kazakhstan Sergei Borovskii:

– Well, what can I say when the score is 7:3. Yes, we've scored 3 goals but at the same time let in 7. Sending off one of our players definitely influenced the result of the game. At such tournaments, where the matches go one by one, sending offs always play an extremely negative role. It is always a problem to play in minority, especially when some players can be ill, others – injured and no players for substitutions... Russian team has good well skilled sportsmen and they easily used their advantage. At the break I told to my players "Everything is lost but the honor". We let in first two goals due to the childish mistakes. We don't have playing discipline and that causes all our problems. However, this tournament gives a chance to see the key players of the team and will define our work plan for the future. As for me, I would strengthen several positions. We don't have wing defenders, so central defenders play there instead of them. That's why our defence can't stand against such attacks.

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