Match №17

The match №17, group stage, fifth tournament day


January 22nd, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 150 spectators

Referees: Viacheslav Harlamov, Aleksandr Kudriavtsev, Ivan Kasyanov

Ukraine: Galchuk (c), Akubardiia, Iashvili, Pryndeta (Ryzhuk, 46), Ozarkiv (Trubochkin, 46), Banada (Noyok, 72), Myakushko (Tashchy, 46), Meskhiia (Babenko, 72), Poliarus (Kalitvintsev, 84), Filippov, Ivanko (Iakovenko, 46)

Head coach: Sergeii Kovalets

Turkmenistan: Babayev B., Taganov (Komekov, 46), Saparov (Satlykov, 56), Soyunov, Annasakhedov (Goshanov, 69, Ashyrov, 74), Orazaliev, Tanayev (Babayev D., 46), Astanov (Chariyev, 58), Tursunov (Atamyradov, 69), Kurbanov, Muhadov

Head coach: Rovshan Muhadov

Goals: Ivanko (20, 29), Filippov (43), Iakovenko (52, 83)

Yellow cards: Tursunov (17), Komekov (48), Saparov (54), Astanov (57), Muhadov (80), Ryzhuk (86)

Best players: Galchuk Yevgeniy, Annasahedov Annasahet

After match comments:

Head coach of the team Ukraine Sergeii Kovalets:

– I want to congratulate my team with the getting into the next stage of the Tournament. The opponent tried very hard but two quick goals helped us. I think with the score 2:0 there was no more suspense and we started making plans for the future. Today I decided to give the chance to relax for some players before the quarterfinal. Starting from the next match we wouldn't have the right for the mistake. We will need to leave all our childish behavior and to concentrate on the game.

Head coach of the team Turkmenistan Rovshan Muhadov:

– From the very beginning I say that the team of Ukraine is, at least, among the finalists of the Tournament. Their team is very strong. Today they showed their best and we couldn't stand against them. But such games are also very important. It helps to develop the character of the players and at the same time coaches get the chance to see all the problems of their team. We should learn from our mistakes. Now my team is not in the very best physical condition, we have many injured players but that's fine, we'll get well soon and will go ahead.

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