Match №20

The match №20, play-offs, sixth tournament day


January 23th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Sergey Kostevich, Andrey Bolotenkov, Oleg Veselovsky

Belarus: Saroka Ar., Kruk, Klapotski (к), Sazanovich, Kavaleuski, Lehchylin (Pramudrau, 49), Pushniakou (Vasileuski, 81), Bykau (Sihnevich, 90), Rajabau (Novik, 90), Valadzko (Nikitsin, 71), Savitski (Bombel, 85)

Head coach: Alexei Vergeenko

Kazakhstan: Tkachuk (Pavlov, 53), Kogabaev, Pikalkin, Pasichnik, Sariev, Kaliganov (Grigoriev, 90), Ulshin, Levin (Ajaganov, 46), Baurgan (Allajarov, 63; Murtazaev, 85), Islamhan (c), Lunin

Senior coach: Sergei Borovskii

Goals: Tkachuk (15, own goal), Bykau (46), Pasichnik (70)

Yellow cards: Sariev (35), Kruk (39), Pasichnik (44), Nikitsin (75), Ajaganov (76)

Best players: Artsem Bykau, Sajat Sariev

After match comments

Head coach of the team Belarus Alexei Vergeenko:

– Up to now it has been the hardest game. The players are getting exhausted, for it's the 4th game within 6 days. So morals and will become the key point. Preparing for the match, we studied the information about the opponent in details, so we knew almost all their strong and weak points. Surely we were lucky with the first goal. In fact, I believe both of our goals to be on the head of the Kazakhstan goalkeeper. They actually have a very strong team. Many specialists note that Kazakhs became much more powerful since Sergei Borovskii is the head coach.

Senior coach of the team Kazakhstan Sergei Borovskii:

– Although I'm a Belarus, I don't make such presents as some members of my team do. Right, Tkachuk has had a bad game today, and everybody knows that a goalkeeper is half of the team. It seems that our fortune tests us. Well, we will steel ourselves! Such games show who is a man in the team and who is a milksop. I'd note that team Kazakhstan has many real men. In the next match I will confide the place in the gates to Pavlov. So far he proves that he is more confident, although younger. The back substitution was made to play the scheme of three forwards. The player I substituted came to the pitch with "dull eyes". You can't be so in the play-off!

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