Match №21

The match №21, play-offs, sixth tournament day

TAJIKISTAN – LITHUANIA 1:1 (1:1), pen. 2:4

January 23rd, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 500 spectators

Referees: Vladimir Seldyakov, Aram Petrosyan, Roman Usachev

Tajikistan: Berdiev, Ulmasov, Sharipov, Asrorov, Abramov, Zardiev (Rustamov, 68), Davronov (c), Payzov, Ergashev, Nazarov, Gaforov (Qosimov, 78)

Head coach: Mubin Ergashev

Lithiuania: Lidakevicius (c), Nakrosius, Bagdonavicius, Benetas, Dauksa, Dapkus, Verbitckas, Norvilas, Veliulis, Kazlautskas (Birskys, 58; Laukzemis, 80), Spalvys

Senior coach: Mindaugas Neoras

Goals: Verbitckas (15, pen.), Gaforov (19)

Yellow cards: Sharipov (14), Zardiev (61), Laukzemis (90)

Best players: Siyovush Asrorov, Lukas Lidakevicius

After match comments:

Head coach of the team Tajikistan Mubin Ergashev:

– My congratulation to our colleagues with their victory. The game was nervous. Perhaps the guys didn't realize that it was a play-off match but they played really bad. They didn't look like themselves. They created few scoring moments. However we equalized the score very quickly. But that was all. We took into consideration that our opponent had only 22 hours for recovery and we understood that it might have been not enough for them to relax. Our sportsmen were not creating scoring moments; they didn't play like they usually do and committed many mistakes. In the end they tried to realize some dangerous moments but haven't scored. We also haven't let in a goal; however Lithuania had some scoring chances. What's about the penalty kicks – it's like a lottery.

Senior coach of the team Lithuania Mindaugas Neoras:

– Yesterday we had a difficult game and we didn't have enough time to relax. As the result, the players were not so much energetic. Sometimes they couldn't run from the opponent defenders, sometimes – to hold the opponent forwards. But we had some scoring moments and that's a pity that we couldn't score. It was a real battle at our goal area but the guys have done a good job, haven't let in a goal. At the beginning of the match we had big gaps between the lines. These were the mistakes of the players because we had a different game plan. But as the guys were afraid of the quick attacks of the opponents, they didn't go forward, always standing at the back side. We didn't prepare for the penalty shot-out. The guys decided themselves who would do the shot and they have done it with brilliance. Especially I would like to admit that our goalkeeper has done everything the right way.

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