Match №22

The match № 22, play-offs, sixth tournament day


January 23rd, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Sergey Kulikov, Aleksandr Bogdanov, Andrey Vereteshkin

Ukraine: Shevchenko, Ozarkiv, Ryzhuk, Pryndeta, Nasonov (Trubochkin, 72), Noiok (c) (Iashvili, 62), Babenko (Meskhiia, 56), Myakushko (Tashchy, 46), Karavaev (Ivanko, 60), Kalitvintsev (Poliarus, 67), Koval (Iakovenko, 46)

Head coach: Sergeii Kovalets

Moldova: Koselev, Carp (Svedul, 42), Zasavitchi (c), Rata, Cociuc, Milincianu (Nemerenco, 46), Focsa, Jardan, Patic (Anton, 42), Sandu, Matei

Senior coach: Alexandr Сurteian

Goals: Myakushko (5), Karavaev (38), Iakovenko (56), Meskhiia (64), Ivanko (90)

Yellow cards: Zasavitchi (63), Matei (83)

Red cards: Sandu (22)

Best players: Olexandr Noiok, Eugen Zasavitchi

After match comments

Head coach of the team Ukraine Sergeii Kovalets:

– First of all, I want to congratulate my team with getting into the semifinal. It was impossible to battle today because the most part of the match we were playing in majority. To tell the truth, deep inside my soul I even regret that it was so. We came here not only to play but also to improve our skills. So as our opponent was playing in minority, it was a kind of "light version" of the game. As for me, Valeriy Lobanovskiy has always been an idol for me. Here is one of his quotations: "The coach should never differ the victory and the failure!" So after every match we should make conclusions, find mistakes and correct them. It's very important to me to improve the quality of the game with every match!

Senior coach of the team Moldova Alexandr Сurteian:

– Emotions are overfilling me after this match. Some of the great people said: "There is no football without emotions!" Unfortunately today we had no chance to create any problem to our opponents. They didn't even let us to raise our heads! Though, I knew that the team of Ukraine was very strong and we were preparing for this match and we had enough resources for that. I think sending our player off at the 22nd minute has broken the game. I always knew and I know now how to break the defense of the team Ukraine, how to score a goal to them but how to make it when we are in minority on the pitch? I'm sure we would have shown an absolutely different game if there had been an equal number of players. So, all in all, I have no questions to my sportsmen!

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