Match №28

The match № 28, semifinal, eighth tournament day


January 25, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 800 spectators

Referees: Aleksey Matushkin, Ivan Kasyanov, Aleksandr Kudryavtsev

Lithiuania: Lidakevicius (c), Nakrosius, Miskinis, Benetas, Dauksa, Bagdonavicius, Dapkus, Kazlautskas (Ribokas, 88), Veliulis, Spalvys, Norvilas

Senior coach: Mindaugas Neoras

Ukraine: Shevchenko, Ryzhuk, Pryndeta, Nasonov (Meskhiia, 61), Ozarkiv, Noiok (c), Babenko, Myakushko (Ivanko, 57), Karavaev (Poliarus, 89), Kalitvintsev (Tashchy, 48), Koval (Iakovenko, 46)

Head coach: Sergeii Kovalets

Goals: Nakrosius (5), Babenko (68, pen.), Iakovenko (84)

Yellow cards: Karavaev (29), Dauksa (31), Bagdonavicius (65), Ryzhuk (71), Dapkus (72), Nakrosius (85)

Red cards: Miskinis (67), Spalvys (86), Ryzhuk (86)

Best players: Martynas Dapkus, Igor Ozarkiv

After match comments

Head coach of the team Lithuania Mindaugas Neoras:

– I've had such matches in my coach career. We were leading, and then we got a red card, played in minority and lost. Team Ukraine is very strong. They have two equal squads, so they appear fresher. They enjoy their playing. To the contrast, we have only problems. All the more, one of our leaders Verbickas fell ill with high temperature. We'll start the match for the 3rd place having lost 6 very important players. But it helps that team Lithuania is often believed to be a weak opponent. However, in the match for bronze we can hardly count on such disposition.

Senior coach of the team Ukraine Sergeii Kovalets:

– The first thing I do after a successful game is congratulating my team with the victory! I'm going to do the same today. In spite of the fact that the match was rather nervous, I'm satisfied with the actions of my players. Today you've seen the team of Ukraine from the different side. We were more emotional. But that all is because the guys are young, because of the strong wish to score, to take a revenge. I do appreciate such an initiative at the pitch. Such matches are very useful for my players. They are getting down to earth. It's good that it happened at the semifinal. So it means that at the final we will be more prepared. The only thing I told to my players at the break was: "Calm down! Play your own game."

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