Match №3

The match № 3, group stage, first tournament day


January 18th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Vyacheslav Kharlamov, Dmitry Zhvakin, Alexandr Dudenkov

Kyrgyzstan: Djanibekov, Kichin (c), Umarov, Shamshiev, Bekbolotov, Sharipov, Sadikov, Talantbekov, Otkeev, Adgijanov, Mambetaliev (Musabekov, 70)

Head coach: Anarbek Ornmonbekov

Kazakhstan: Tkachuk, Kogabaev, Pasichnik, Grigoriev, Amirhanov (Sariev, 46), Ajaganov (Allajarov, 46), Kuat (Pikalin), Baurgan (Ulshin, 46), Islamhan (c), Kaliganov (Murtazaev, 46), Lunin (Levin, 77)

Head coach: Sergei Borovskii

Goals: Lunin (5), Mambetaliev (42), Islamhan (84, pen.), Murtazaev (87)

Yellow cards: Talantbekov (30), Baurgan (37), Kuat (62), Sharipov (86), Umarov (90)

Best players: Valerii Kichin, Sergei Tkachuk

After match comments:

Head coach of the team Kyrgyzstan Anarbek Ornmonbekov:

– The match was not easy for us. At first we let in a quick goal. Then we managed to equal the score, and it seemed that we got a chance, we created two dangerous scoring moments but, as it usually happens, something went wrong. I think it's all about psychology. Neither referees nor spectators can really change the pattern of the game. The goals are scored and let in only by players. My sportsmen got relaxed before the final whistle or perhaps they just got tired. They all are young and emotional. Nevertheless its worth to mention that today's opening ceremony and the participation of Joseph Blatter in it impressed my players greatly, they will remember it for the whole life. All these positive emotions will be good for them.

Senior coach of the team Kazakhstan Sergei Borovskii:

– I couldn't recognize my players in the beginning. They acted on the pitch somewhat constrained. What was up with them at that moment is a mystery for me. The team showed only third part of their abilities. Even Islamhan who has already played for the national team of his state played only 'C-grade' today. I think the guys needed emotional shake-up. Let us hope they've got it at the opening ceremony today. Anyway, I met Joseph Blatter for the first time in 1994 at a trainers' seminar, and I remembered that day for my whole life.

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