Match №31

The match №31, play-offs, tenth tournament day, match for the 7th place


January 27th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 500 spectators

Referees: Vladimir Seldyakov, Aleksey Krokhin, Aleksandr Shymarygin

Uzbekistan: Amanov (Holmurodov, 69), Shamshitdinov, Yuldashov, Fomin, Makhstaliev (Olimov, 87), Kozak (c), Abdumuminov (Ubaydullaev, 66), Iskanderov (Khakimov J., 84), Khakimov T. (Yusupov, 78), Sergeev (Tashpulatov, 80), Saidov

Head coach: Akhmadjon Musaev

Tajikistan: Saidrahmonov (Soniev, 88), Tilloev, Ulmasov, Asrorov, Abramov (Kodirov, 52), Davronov (c), Zardiev (Qosimov, 77), Payzov (Kalugin, 85), Nazarov, Rustamov (Ergashev, 46), Gaforov (Qurbonov, 75)

Head coach: Mubin Ergashev

Goals: Kozak (54), Makhstaliev (68)

Yellow cards: Abramov (24), Fomin (29), Asrorov (63), Abdumuminov (65)

Red cards: Tilloev (63)

Best players: Saidjon Saidrahmonov, Abbosbek Mahstaliev

After match comments

Head coach of the team Uzbekistan Akhmadjon Musaev:

– A good, solid game, but I could see the players were tired: why, 6 games for 10 days! But we were lucky. We managed to score, and besides the opponent was in minority. Yes, I say we were lucky, because everyone could see – it's been a two-edged game with plenty of scoring moments. There were more than ten hits at goalposts and crossbars during the match! I didn't emphasize it before, but our lineup at this tournament is a year younger than the others. Our Federation has done it purposefully, because we have to prepare for the World Cup. But I promise we'll come to the next tournament with a lineup of the proper age. I swear we will fight for the medal places!

Head coach of the team Tajikistan Mubin Ergashev:

– My congratulations to the team of Uzbekistan with the deserved victory! I'm sure the spectators also liked the match. Both teams were not playing in defense the whole game but were running forward. The spectators at the stand were supporting their teams a lot. That motivated us to play in attack all the time. We lost this game just because at this moment the team of Uzbekistan is stronger and has better playing skills. The Tournament is over for us and we will surely make conclusions. Now I want to thank the organizers for a high level of the competitions and for the professionalism which helped us not to face any problem here. On the contrary, we always felt attention and support in all the situations. Thanks!

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