Match №5

The match № 5, group stage, second tournament day


January 19th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Mikhail Belov, Roman Usachev, Aleksandr Shimarygin

Ukraine: Shevchenko, Ryzhuk, Pryndeta, Trubochkin (Akubardiia, 60), Noyok (c) (Iashvili, 81), Babenko (Banada, 90), Myakushko (Tashchy, 66), Karavaev (Filippov, 77), Kalitvintsev (Poliarus, 71), Nasonov, Ivanko (Koval, 46)

Head coach: Sergeii Kovalets

Lithiuania: Lidakeviciu (c), Nakrosius, Miskinis, Benetas, Dauksa, Dapkus, Verbitckas, Norvilas (Ribokas, 76), Veliulis (Laukzemis, 88), Birskys (Gedminas, 61), Kazlautskas (Spalvys, 46)

Head coach: Mindaugas Neoras

Goals: Noyok (10), Poliarus (73), Koval (90)

Yellow cards: Dapkus (49), Nakrosius (74), Miskinis (79)

Best players: Aleksandr Karavaev, Ovidijus Verbickas

After match comments:

Head coach of the team Ukraine Sergey Kovalets:

– I liked the game a lot. I don't mean only our victory. That was nice that players of all the teams came to play with the desire in their eyes to show a good football to the spectators. Speaking in general, I'm satisfied with everything here, especially the Tournament itself. Here I get a good chance to see all my players, candidates to the national team, in a game. We came to this tournament with the half-reserve team because 10 our main sportsmen are now at training camps of their clubs. However I don't want to say that we have enough talented players for two squads. Even Barcelona doesn't have it. But we have not less important task to do – to choose players to build a strong national team!

Head coach of the team Lithuania Mindaugas Neoras:

– That was the first match at this tournament for our team. And we failed. Unfortunately we don't have so many players as the Ukrainian team has. Moreover, we don't have enough good sportsmen and we can't do anything with it. That's why I'm a satisfied with today's game but not with the result! But at least I can see the area of work for us. And I will agree with my colleague, it's very interesting to work with these sportsmen – they have a desire in their eyes! I think we'll have plenty of chances in future games.

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