Match №8

The match № 8, group stage, second tournament day


January 19th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Denis Shpilev, Andrey Bolotenkov, Oleg Veselovky

Tajikistan: Saidrahmonov, Kodirov, Sharipov (Ulmasov, 61), Asrorov, Abramov, Davronov (c), Payzov, Ergashev (Qurbonov , 90), Nazarov, Gaforov (Qosimov, 70), Khotam (Rustamov, 55)

Head coach: Mubin Ergashev

Latvia: Dargis, Jagodinskis (c), Joksts, Gilnics, Barinovs, Vardanjans (Stuglis, 73), Hmizs, Kluskins (Ulimbasevs, 60), Mukins (Loginovs, 52), Jermolajevs (Petruks, 63), Cistjakovs

Head coach: Marians Pahars

Goals: Nazarov (39)

Yellow cards: Asrorov (31), Ulimbasevs (71), Joksts (80), Rustamov (84)

Best players: Nazarov Akhtam, Vitalijs Jagodinski

After match comments:

Head coach of the team Tajikistan Mubin Ergashev:

– We were afraid that players would be not in a good shape after yesterday's match with Estonia. That's why we asked guys to play strict and to save their power. What's about the goal, I can say that was the result of the collective and organized team play. We played against Baltic teams. Their physical characteristics are better than ours. They are taller and stronger. It was difficult to play against them. However we have one advantage – our team is faster. These two days made our sportsmen exhausted. But now we are going to relax and gain the power. Today we can definitely say that we are in play-offs and that's why we are in a good mood.

Head coach of the team Latvia Marians Pahars:

– My impression of the game is absolutely negative. It was the second defeat in two days! I don't understand, why the fate is angry on us: we can't score from the distance of one meter! We have a plenty of scoring moments, we shot, almost point-blank, but the ball doesn't get in. We have something like inferiority complex, it's the guys' psychology, which is to be cured. In opponents' team there are interesting players, number 8 (Jahongir Ergashev – editor's note) and number 9 (Akhtam Nazarov – editor's note). In their defense – number 21 (Siyovush Asrorov – editir's note) – he's a magnificient defender. Obviously, they are the leaders of their team. Herewith, my players have known the style of the Tajikistan team. We were preparing to the game against it. Guys just didn't perform the game plan. That's a pity. They need victories, otherwise their phsycologycal condition will be spoiled.


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