Match №9

The match № 9, group stage, third tournament day


January 20th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Dmitri Veselov, Ivan Kasyanov, Aleksandrov Kudryavtsev

Uzbekistan: Amanov, Shamshitdinov, Yuldashov, Fomin, Makhstaliev, Kozak (c), Abdumuminov, Iskanderov (Olimov, 76), Yusupov (Hakimov T., 58), Sergeev (Tashpulatov, 85), Ubaydullaev (Hakimov, 88)

Head coach: Akhmadjon Musaev

Kazakhstan: Tkachuk, Sariev, Pasichnik, Kogabaev, Pikalkin (Grigoriev, 59), Kuat (Ajaganov, 46), Levin (Allajarov, 70), Ulshin, Lunin (Kaliganov, 63), Islamhan (c), Murtazaev

Head coach: Sergei Borovskii

Goals: Iskanderov (71)

Yellow cards: Fomin (34), Pikalkin (35), Lunin (58), Kogabaev (89), Hakimov (89)

Best players: Boburbek Juldashov, Aleksandr Ulshin

After match comments:

Head coach of the team Uzbekistan Akhmadjon Musaev:

– The game was good and interesting for spectators. I think that both teams were playing equally but we just got a little bit more luck today. I didn't change the squad of the team for this match because in spite of the fact that the match against Russia ended with the draw I thought that they had shown a rather good game that time. All in all, Russia is the home team at this tournament. Apart from that, according to the regulations I have the right for 7 substitutions during the match and this is what I do. This is how I give the chance to all the players to participate in a game. Actually, football has become extremely popular in Uzbekistan nowadays. Just look, our young sportsmen has won the Championship of Asia, we got into the semi-final and our national team is leading now. So we sshould be in tune with this level!

Head coach of the team Kazakhstan Sergei Borovskii:

– I would like to congratulate our opponents with the victory and to thank them for the good and fair play. I think that they won this game due to having better individual skills. That's exactly what we need to work upon. What's more, my players still have some psychological pressure on them and that influences the game. When they come on the pitch they don't look confident. They just need a little bit to relax. Even our key player Islamhan shows in a game only 30-35% of his abilities, but he is a captain! What's for me, I think that now the quality of the game is more important than the score but it's low. Let me say one more time that our main problem is the psychological condition of the players. As for the physical condition – we will surely improve it!

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