About the tournament

XX International football tournament "Commonwealth Cup 2012" will be conducted in new format:12 national  teams (players born not later than in 1990) will participate.  
From 19th to 23rd of January group stage matches, and from 24th to 29th matches for the final placement will be played.


Tournament formula

At the qualifying stage the 12 participating teams will be divided into 3 groups of 4 teams (A, B, C), where they play each other in one leg. At the second stage the 1st and the 2nd ranked teams, as well as the 2 best 3d-ranked teams shall play for the places from 1 to 8, and the teams who took the 4th places and the last 3d-ranked team shall play for the places from 9 to 12.

In the ¼ final the pairs shall be formed in accordance with their ranking after the qualifying stage, the teams shall be ranked considering the following criteria:

a) Higher number of points obtained in the matches;

b) Superior goal difference from the matches;

c) Higher number of goals scored in the matches;

d) Drawing of lots.

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