Match №20

The match № 20, Group for 9th and 12th places

January 24th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 150 spectators

Tajikistan – Estonia 1:1 (1:1)

Referee: Nizovcev, Abusuev, Zhvakin

Tajikistan: Berdiev, Asrorov, Khabibulloev, Nazarov, Radjabov, Davronov, Khojibaev, Sharipov, Fatkhulloev, Tukhtasunov, Rustamov (Gaforov, 44)

Head coach: Salohiddin Gafurov

Estonia: Niinepuu, Veis, Indermitte, Sinilaid, Tchegodajev, Kaldoja, Laabus, Paponov, Pebre (Liivamagi, 56), Alliku (Torop, 69), Kase (Podholyuzin, 77)

Head coach: Frank Bernhardt

Goals: Kase (5), Gaforov (44)

Yellow cards: Tchegodajev (13), Indermitte(17), Davronov (42)

Red card: Davronov (86, 2 y.c.)

Best players: Gaforov, Kase


Head coach of Tajikistan team Salohiddin Gafurov:

– Today we played better than in the matches before. We played yesterday and Estonian team had the day of rest, so at the end of the match the weariness of our team became obvious. The fast goal in our gates is the result of this weariness also. Yesterday I.R. Iran scored at the first minutes of the match and at the first minutes of the second half. We don't have much practice, can't understand each other. It was good, that we could score at the first half. It wasn't my intended substitution – it just happened. Our player was injured; the new one came and scored even with the first strike.
I asked to play more concentrated in the second half. The team did this, but they were too tired and we couldn't do anything more. They got the ball and lost it. Even if they wanted to do something they couldn't. We got the point, so let's play further.

Head coach of Estonian team Frank Bernhardt:

– What I can say – we had moments for 2 or 3 games more but couldn't score. If you want to win matches – you must score, but we couldn't do it.
We have the first point on the tournament, but I can't say that it was the best match. In the game with Russia we had much more discipline and obeyed the scheme of the play. I can't say, that we had offensive football today. The opponents let us play this way, but we couldn't use it. Offensive football means that you scored goals, if you didn't do this – it's quite different thing.

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