Match №22

The match № 22, round play-off, 1/4 of final

January 25th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 150 spectators

I.R. Iran – Latvia 1:1 (0:1), pen. 1:4

Referee: Kostevich, Koloskov, Veselovsky

I.R. Iran: Mohsenzadeh, Cheshmi, Kanani, Heydarieh (Alipourghara, 90), Vakio, Abdollahzadeh (Esmaeii, 60), Daneshgar, Jahan Kohan (Pahlavan, 54), Jahan Bakhsh (c), Barzay (Choopani, 68), Azmoun

Head coach: Akbar Mohammadi Argi

Latvia: Vaichulis (c), Baturinskis, Ševeļovs, Maksimenko, Roghkovskis, Bogdaskins, Petersons, Zyuzins, Visņakovs (Stuglis, 74), Vardanyans (Pukitis, 59), Karasausks

Head coach: Anton Joore

Goals: Karasausks (10), Azmoun (90)

Series of penalty: Ševeļovs (1:0), Jahan Bakhsh (1:0, goalkeeper), Petersons (2:0), Azmoun (2:0, goalkeeper), Zyuzins (3:0), Daneshgar (3:1), Pukitis (4:1)

Yellow cards: Baturinskis (20), Zyuzins (22), (35), Cheshmi (43), Vakio (64), Karasausks (90)

Red card: Roghkovskis (47, 2nd y.c.)

Best players: Cheshmi, Ševeļovs


Head coach of I.R. Iran team Akbar Mohammadi Argi:

– I am very upset today. It is bad luck day. We had at least ten chances to score and at least four kicks with hundred percent chances to score, but we couldn't realize. And the only one goal from Latvians nearly destroyed the entire team. The guys got under strong psychological pressure and were unable to resist. As a coach, I have to thank my sportsmen for scoring at the last minute. On the other hand today's defeat from Latvian team is a good lesson for our team. Maybe some players thought it would be an easy match.

Head coach of Latvia team Anton Joore:

– I am happy with how the guys got on the pitch, and how they played. We played against a strong opponent, and it was hard to resist. But, like any team Iran has certain weaknesses. We used them. In particular, when Iran sportsmen attack with many players – catch them on the counter attack. To speak about the match: we scored an early goal. In the second half we played in minority. My team played well and compact, but to describe my emotions when you have a goal on the last minute is very hard. In the penalty shoots we had to calm down and concentrate on breaking penalty. Naturally a huge responsibility lays on goalkeeper, and I am fully satisfied with how the whole team went through penalties: they got relaxed, and were not as nervous as it seemed. It's great that we could turn quarterfinal match into the victory match.

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