Match №23

The match № 23, round play-off, 1/4 of final

January 25th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 150 spectators

Ukraine – Lithuania 1:1 (0:1), pen. 4:3

Referee: Sukhoy, Vereteshkin, Grechishkin

Ukraine: Berezovskiy, Kushnirov, Partsvaniya, Cheremisin, Tsyrikov (Babenko, 51; Pavlov, 84), Budkovskiy, Fedotov, Kaverin (Shevchyk, 64), Bogdanov (c), Oliynik, Grechishkin

Head coach: Pavel Yakovenko

Lithuania: Simaitis, Jarmalavichius, Miskinis, Ubaitis, Juozaitis, Brokas, Zhulpa, Beneta (Laukzhemis, 46), Jefisov (Snapkauskas, 85), Nakrosius, Urbelis

Head coach: Vitaliyus Stankevichius

Goals: Juozaitis (43), Budkovskiy, (75)

Series of penalty: Zhulpa (0:1), Bogdanov (0:1, goalkeeper), Ubaitis (0:1, goalkeeper), Pavlov (1:1), Brokas (1:2), Budkovskiy (2:2), Jarmalavichius (2:3), Partsvaniya (3:3), Nakrosius (3:3, goalkeeper), Kushnirov (4:3)

Yellow cards: Tsyrikov (42), Grechishkin (45), Juozaitis (65), Zhulpa (82)

Best players: Budkovskiy, Simaitis


Head coach of Ukraine team Pavel Yakovenko:

– It was such a hard match. It seemed like we were in advantage handling the ball but we can't managed to score a goal. I liked the Lithuanian team football style. It is also well-organized and disciplined team. The team has really good playing tactics. They scored a goal, and then played to hold down. It is very difficult to play with teams with such tactic. They closed down. It is doubly hard to miss the ball while winning almost during the whole match. We missed and got really nervous. Thank to Budkivskiy for saving the match. By the way, we did not especially train penalty shots at home, but yesterday we lightly worked on it.

Head coach of Lithuania team Vitaliyus Stankevichius:

– I congratulate Ukrainians with the victory, even in penalty shootout. You know, we had problems with the list of players. Three leading players skipped the match due to red cards. But those that came out on the pitch today played for the honor of the country very good. I confess we wanted to play series of penalty. Otherwise it will be extremely difficult to win Ukrainians. Many players have asked me for substitution in the end of the match. I would go myself if I could! I have short bench. Anyways I'm thankful to my sportsmen for attitude during match. I think our main advantage is the discipline on the pitch and out.

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