Match №26

The match № 26, matches for 9-12 places

January 26th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan 3:1 (1:1)

Referee: Veselov, Bolotenkov, Saf'yan

Kyrgyzstan: Zinchenko, Umarov, (Adghiniyazov, 51), Alimov (c), Kichin, Bekbolotov, Shamshiev, Sydykov Sharipov, Ghyrgalbek, Sataev (Musabekov, 61), Rustamov (Doroginskiy, 90)

Head coach: Murat Dzhumakeev

Tajikistan: Berdiev, Ulmasov, Khabibulloev, Radjabov, Nazarov (Komroni, 80), Payzov, Fatkhulloev (c), Sharipov (Bobiev, 75), Khojibaev, Tukhtasunov (Rustamov, 69), Gaforov

Head coach: Salohiddin Gafurov

Goals: Rustamov (26), Gaforov (45), Sharipov (77, pen.), Shamshiev (85)

Yellow cards: Shamshiev (24), Kichin (43), Bekbolotov (50), Sydykov (59), Sharipov (60), Musabekov (72), Ulmasov (76), Fatkhulloev (82), Komroni (90)

Best players: Alimov, Fatkhulloev


Head coach of Kyrgyzstan team Murat Dzhumakeev:

– From match to match we repeat the same mistakes. We lose concentration at the crucial moment and miss a goal from standard positions. Sometimes it is so embarrassing! Whole Kyrgyzstan is cheering for us. Back home there are many TV, radio and on-line internet translations about our journey to this tournament. I don't have to specially set up my sportsmen for each match. They understand the importance. Another thing is that the players are not robots, and can not always keep themselves under control. Here come the emotions. I told them many times: "Close your mouths and play football! Do not argue with the referee! ". But they are young and impulsive. The same reason is to quantity of yellow cards. Nevertheless, I congratulate our team on the victory. Feels better. Now we have another opponent.

Head coach of Tajikistan team Salohiddin Gafurov:

– Our main mistake is in the most problematic area. We don't have talented goalkeeper of this age in Tajikistan. I am sure that all the matches we lost because of many mistakes in goal box and in the defense. On the other hand, we played well in attacking. Spectators love attacking football and cheered us. Look on the tribunes! Sometimes it seems that we are playing at home. Thanks to our fans for the warm support. Unfortunately we can not always show them good football and devote them wonderful victories.

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