Match №28

The match № 28, matches for 5-8 places

January 27th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 100 spectators

Iran – Moldova 3:0 (1:0)

Referee: Smirnov, Alekseev, Vereteshkin

Iran: Naseri, Kanani (c), Heidari (Muradmand, 84), Vakia, Engashte (Heydarieh, 67), Daneshgar, Cheshmi, Pahlavan (Abdollahzadeh, 69), Barzay (Esmaeili, 58), Zore (Azmoun, 46), Alipourgharo (Jahan Bakhsh, 53)

Head coach: Akbar Mohammadi Argi

Moldova: Rusu, Jardan (c), Prodan, Golovco, Leu (Matey, 40), Nicologlo, Platica, Zasovitskiy, Antonyuc, Gynsar', Yavorskiy (Dima, 46)

Head coach: Alexandr Kurteyan

Goals: Barzay (20), Azmoun (90), Abdollahzadeh (90)

Unrealized penalty: Gynsar' (85, goalkeeper)

Yellow cards: Leu (16), Zasovitskiy (40), Antonyuc, (61), Platica (69), Cheshmi (86), Jardan (89)

Red card: Platica (74, 2 y.c.)

Best players: Naseri, Rusu


Head coach of Iran team Akbar Mohammadi Argi:

– Today we played vice versa. I saw the match between Moldova and Russia and noted some really good players in opponent team. We changed five players in the defensive line, midfield and the whole attack line. The team began play defense game – this is a new style. We tried to attack at any moment in past games and spent a lot of energy, now we decided to defend and wait for opponent mistake. It is difficult to attack for 90 minutes, but as for me, I like attacking style and my players also. We spent five matches during the week and it is difficult to recover. By the way, it's hard to play when your opponent has 10 players. They start to play more concentrated. By the way, I doubt the red card for Moldova player. I personally got a great lesson from last match. Now my team attack with greater care on our own goal box. I'm the youngest coach in the tournament. And these games are great experience.

Head coach of Moldova team Alexandr Kurteyan:

– It was very interesting match! Unfortunately, we didn't manage to win. It is not so terrible for us. Anyway, we tried; we had the opportunity to win, but failed. We have to work hard on the ability to score during the game. We must realize all the scoring moments, not only from standard positions. Conceding a goal, we began to play faster, go ahead. Sportsmen did it up on character and strength of mind, because physical forces almost over. I saw the eyes of my sportsmen in the dressing room and realized that it is very difficult to struggle. Now we will play with Kazakhstan. I have really short players list because of many suspensions and injuries, but we will play. My boys are strong men. Always!

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