Match №29

The match № 29, 1/2 final

January 27th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Ukraine – Belarus 1:1 (0:0), pen. 3:5

Referee: Kazartsev, Koloskov, Abusuev

Ukraine: Berezovskiy Kyshnirov, Partsvaniya, Cheremisin, Butkovskiy (Pavlov, 81), Fedotov, Kaverin, Bogdanov (c), Oliynik (Nasonov, 40), Shevchyk (Tsyrikov, 5; Babenko, 62), Grechishkin

Head coach: Pavel Yakovenko

Belarus: Sоrokо, Klоpotsky, Kruk (c), Vasilevsky (Novik, 79), Anyukevich, Kurlovich, Volovik (Pushnyakov, 72), Yakhno, (Drigalev, 60), Volodko (Kovalev, 56), Teplov (Edeshko, 76; Suvorоv, 89), Saroka

Head coach: Alexey Vergeenko

Goals: Bogdanov (69), Saroka (82)

Series of penalty: Drigalev (0:1), Bogdanov (0:1, goalkeeper), Novik (0:2), Babenko (1:2), Suvorоv (1:3), Pavlov (2:3), Klоpotsky (2:4), Partsvaniya (3:4), Saroka (3:5)

Best players: Kyshnirov, Teplov


Head coach of Ukraine team Pavel Yakovenko:

– This match will be only benefit for us. The Belarusians have taught us a good lesson. Everything seemed to be going well, we controlled the ball, were creating scoring moments and even scored the beautiful goal, but when we lost the concentration for a second, our opponent also got the score. And it happened at the moment when we were just about to celebrate the victory of our team.
Nowadays football is very fast and active. As soon as you turn off your attention, your get a strong attack from your opponent. I think that it disappointed my players and influenced to the rest of the game. But we will work on our mistakes. The main thing is that we must learn to convert scoring chances which we create.

Head coach of Belarus team Alexey Vergeenko:

– There are no emotions after the match – we should realize and feel that victory. To tell the truth, at the beginning I didn't think that we would go so far in the tournament list. This result is especially nice, because these guys are younger than the sportsmen in the team of Ukraine. Now we will use all our concentration to get ready for the match in final. Since we have shown such a high result, we should continue playing at the same level. I will not celebrate today's victory. Ukraine has always been and will be the principal opponent for us. But then again, I'd like to say that as we got to the final – we have all the opportunity to win the first place in this tournament. And if we get it, then I will celebrate the victory with my sportsmen: I will personally buy them a bottle of lemonade! In general, I am very thankful to my players for their dedication. Now they prove their right to be players of the team of Belarus. Immediately after the match, we congratulate the leadership of our football union. They are watching the games our youth team play.

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