Match №30


The match № 30, play-off, semi-final

January 27th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Latvia – Russia 1:2 (0:2)

Referee:  Sukhoy, Usachev, Zhvakin
Latvia: Vaichulis (c), Baturinskis (Isaevs, 46), Ševeļovs, Dubra, Puķitis, Bogdaskins, Petersons, Zyuzins, Visņakovs (Siņitsins, 64), Vardanyans (Siņeļņikovs, 46), Karasausks (Stuglis, 80)

Head coach:
Anton Joore

Russia: Zaytsev, Shlyakov, Knyazev, Checherin (c), Zhestokov, Pomerko, Vasil’ev, Makhmudov (Voynov, 69), Bibilov, Del’kin, Bayramyan (Byrnash, 79)

Head coach:
Nikolay Pisarev

Goals: Zhestokov (4), Vasil’ev (36), Zyuzins (89)

Yellow cards: Puķitis (6), Petersons (64), Vasil’ev (90), Siņeļņikovs (90)

Red cards: Bogdaskins (60)

Best players: Zyuzins, Zhestokov


Head coach of Latvia team Anton Joore:

– We started the match not as good as we wanted. We missed a quick goal. I told the guys to control the attack line as well as the defense line. They failed. Then we began to make long passes, sportsmen were locating wider, we began to play football. Of course Russian national team is a very strong opponent. I think the outcome of the match also depends up on the mood of each players and the whole team. In the second half we were in minority, it strongly affected the mood of the sportsmen, but I asked them to hold on. During the match there were a lot of moments to score and sportsmen should realize it. We managed to score a goal. We wanted to score again, but the second goal was scored from the off-side. I fully agree with the referee.

Head coach of Russia team Nikolay Pisarev:

– The game was developing well for us: we scored two goals and controlled the game. We were able even to vary the tempo. But, unfortunately, it happens in football, if you are calm and do not score, the opponent will take an advantage. The ending was just heartbreaking. We were not ready for it. Let's see the video and work on it. It is bad when the goalkeeper is not always in the good shape. In the last match Andrew missed the goal, as well as in this one. When you are not always involved into the game it can be difficult to play. Let me also mention no so skillful play of our forwards. They had hundred percent chances to score but didn't realize it. Even in first half we could make a big score and relax. It is also hard to play against ten sportsmen in opponent team. Latvians being in minority showed a good football. Even in such a situation we had an opportunity to score. Zabolotny is injured now. We have problems with forwards.



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