Match №31

The match № 31, matches for 9-12 places

January 28th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Turkmenistan – Tajikistan 1:1 (0:0)

Referee: Anisimov, Veselovskiy, Dudenkov

Turkmenistan: Gel'dyev B., Annasakhatov, Italmazov (Borjakov, 67), Mamedov, Saparov, Gel'dyev A. (c), Astanov M., Astanov U., Kurbanov (Allanurov,89), Abdurakhmanov, Paltaev (Magtymov,41)

Head coach: Bayramdurdy Durdyev

Tajikistan: Berdiev, Radjabov, Khabibulloev (Asrorov,2), Ulmasov, Kalandarov (Nazarov, 75), Davronov, Khojibaev (Payzov, 84), Komroni, Fatkhulloev (c), Tukhtasunov, Gaforov (Rustamov, 79)

Head coach: Salohiddin Gafurov

Goals: Gaforov (53), Astanov U. (75)

Yellow cards: Khojibaev (25), Italmazov (58), Annasakhatov (71)

Best players: Gel'dyev B., Asrorov


Head coach of Turkmenistan team Bayramdurdy Durdyev:

– I have a lot of impressions starting from the beginning of the tournament. I liked everything: organization, the list of participants, and atmosphere. It is like a celebration for us. Though, we got only the12th place in this celebration. On the other hand, we would take part in such competitions more often. And you'll see the experience and victory will come. In our country people like football and do watch matches, especially those in which our team plays. The guys whom we took to this tournament are good and strong sportsmen. But they showed quite weak games. That means there is something to work on. So if I will continue working with the national team, I will try to make a good team. At least, I see the mistakes and know how to fix them.

Head coach of Tajikistan team Salohiddin Gafurov:

– I think that we've lost two points. We had an advantage during the whole match and especially in the first half, but, as I've said already, completing of attacks is our weakness. Everybody knows the statement: if you do not score, you will be scored! Summing up, the first thing I want to do is thank the FUR. The tournament was perfectly organized, there's no need to change anything. Our match with Lithuania I would call the best in the Cup and the worst – with I.R. Iran. But there were not absolutely failed games. After coming home, we'll start thinking about some changes in the list of team players. We have a number of players of 1990 year of birth, but they already can't play for this team, especially in coming Asia Championship, which will be held this summer. Now we look for talented sportsmen. Perhaps, we introduce a system of incentives. Why not? I'm sure that professional players should be financially interested if they play in a club or team.

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