Match №35

The match № 35, round play-off, match for the 3rd place

January 29th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 1000 spectators

Ukraine – Latvia 3:0 (2:0)

Referee: Nizovtsev,Petrosyan, Bogdanov

Ukraine: Mysak, Kyshnirov (c), Partsvaniya, Cheremisin (Nasonov, 89), Opanasenko, Fedotov, Pavlov (Butkovskiy, 54), Ivanko (Bogdanov, 68), Babenko, Kaverin (Tsyrikov, 46), Grechishkin

Head coach: Pavel Yakovenko

Latvia: Vaichulis, Daņilovs (Baturinskis, 53), Puķitis, Isaevs, Roghkovskis, Vardanyans, Petersons, Siņitsins, Visņakovs (Zotovs, 82), Karasausks (Stuglis, 32), Siņeļņikovs

Head coach: Anton Joore

Goals: Babenko (27), Cheremisin (41), Butkovskiy (89)

Yellow cards: Petersons (4), Daņilovs (44), Cheremisin (45), Fedotov (58)

Best players: Grechishkin, Petersons


Head coach of Lithuania team Vitaliyus Stankevichius:

– It was already the second time we met with team of Latvia at this tournament. I had had many questions to my players after the first game. Today's match showed that they had understood everything and as a result we won. I've heard that Butkovskiy scored more goals then everybody at this tournament but it's not the most important thing. I need a game of a complete team but not separate players. That's why I used to change the list of players from match to match. Unfortunately Shevchuk is seriously injured and wouldn't be able to play for a long time. He will stay here with the doctor from our coaching staff and tomorrow will be examined by a famous professor. After that we will take a decision where he will be done an operation. I have no complains about the tournament and its organization. Everything is all right!

Head coach of I.R. Iran team Akbar Mohammadi Argi:

– It was obvious from the very first minute that the Ukranian team was stronger then us. We were very tired and couldn't recover. But for our players and the coaching stuff this tournament was a good lesson. I think that everybody could find something new for themselves there. I've noticed that such strongest teams as Russia, Ukraine and Moldova have changed their usual tactic scheme to «4-3-3», which we also use. That means that we play a modern football and I like it. I'm pleased to work with the team of Latvia and I think soon we'll get good results. I'd like to thanks Russia, Saint-Petersburg and organizers for this wonderful tournament. If you are going to keep this tradition – invite us and we will surely come. But we have one wish – if possible, make the Cup for a couple of days longer. We will be able to see Saint-Petersburg and players will get more time for rest.

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