Match №36

The match № 36, round play-off, final

January 29th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 3000 spectators

Belarus – Russia 0:2 (0:1)

Referee: Ivanov, Stipidi, Vereteshkin

Belarus: Sоrokо, Klоpotsky (Suvorov, 53), Kruk (c) (Drigalev, 90), Vasilevsky, Anyukevich, Kurlovich, Volod'ko (Volovik, 59), Teplov (Novik, 42), Pushnyakov (Edeshko, 49), Yakhno (Kovalev, 58), Saroka

Head coach: Alexey Vergeenko

Russia: Zaytsev, Shlyakov, Knyazev, Checherin (c), Zhestokov, Pomerko (Zverev, 90), Bayramyan, Makhmudov, Bibilov (Kyz'michev, 51), Del'kin (Byrnash, 87), Voynov (Khodyrev, 81)

Head coach: Nikolay Pisarev

Goals: Del'kin (30, 55)

Yellow cards: Pomerko (33), Klоpotsky (49), Suvorov (83), Makhmudov (89)

Best players: Kurlovich, Del'kin


Head coach of Belarus team Pavel Yakovenko:

– We fulfilled our tasks playing in final task. Our opponent is very strong team! Moreover, all my sportsmen are three years younger. But already we made a small sensation, getting to the final. We didn't come here for sensations. The main aim for coaching stuff is to prepare head players for serious tournaments. Cup of Commonwealth is rather friendly tournament, but this tournament is able to give a lot of experience for players and coaches. If I will be invited next year I would come next year. Be aware – we will come to win! Anyway – we will fight and will try our best!

Head coach of Russia team Nikolay Pisarev:

– We were worried because it was the final match. There were many spectators and the responsibility was high. But we've fulfilled two our main aims – we won the tournament and could see the players' football skills. I like the tournament and I really think it should exist in this format. We have some things to discuss with coaches of other teams. Among these questions are the schedule of matches – sportsmen need more time between games to recover. It is important for them to enter the main list of players. I also want to find the way for raising motivation of participants. From today's line up I would admit Bibilov, Makhmudov, Bayramyan, Vasilev, Zaytsev. All of them are very good sportsmen and are ready to enter the official youth national team. Everything will depend on their skills and self motivation.

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