Match №5

The match № 5, group round, group C

January 20th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Belarus – I.R. Iran 0:0

Referee: Kazartsev, Bolotenkov, Veselovskiy

Belarus: Sоrokо, Suvorоv, Kruk (c), Klоpotsky, Anyukevich, Kurlovich (Volovik, 89), Pushnyakov (Yakhno, 70), Buloichik (Vasilevsky, 90), Volodko (Novik, 86), Edeshko (Kovalev, 61), Saroka

Head coach: Alexey Vergeenko

I.R. Iran: Mohsenzadeh, Vakia, Kanani (Moradmand, 90), Heydarieh, Heidari, Jahan (c), Cheshmi, Daneshgar (Esmaeili, 80), Barzay (Zare, 66), Azmoun (Alipourghara, 76), Choopani (Jahankohan, 54)

Head coach: Akbar Mohammadi Argi

Yellow cards: Suvorov (23), Saroka (43), Buloichik (52), Kurlovich (66)

Best players: Sоrokо, Kanani


Head coach of Belarus team Alexey Vergeenko:

– Traditionally, I would like to thank the organizers for the wonderful event. It is my second year in a row when I come to St. Petersburg. Last year I brought youth team at Valentin Granatkin Memorial. I am always taking away a lot of positive emotions. Today we had really strong opponent. I am glad that at the beginning of the match we have coped with the excitement and developed the game. We also created a lot of scoring chances, kicked the vertical and horizontal bars. I work with many sportsmen for a long time but we met for the first time in this line-up. So, today we laid only the first brick the team construction. Of course, it is hard to play good, aggressive opponent. I want to note our goalkeeper Artem Soroko. Thank a lot he we did not miss a ball.

Head coach of I.R. Iran team Akbar Mohammadi Argi:

– It is wonderful atmosphere, as at the tournament and at the match. This is the first game for us. As you know, the first is always the hardest. Sportsmen need time to adapt to the climate, and to a field which is entirely new to us. But for the first match today, we looked strong enough. Best player of the match is definitely a Belarus goalkeeper! Today, we were not able to score only because of him. I promise my team will progress from match to match and will surprise you!

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