Match №9

The match № 9, group round, group B

January 21th, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 100 spectators

Ukraine – Kyrgyzstan 4:0 (4:0)

Referee: Kostevich, Koloskov, Saf'yan

Ukraine: Berezovskiy (Leonidov, 58), Kyshnirov, Partsvaniya, Cheremisin, Opanasenko (Kaverin, 53), Tsyrikov, Butkovskiy (Pavlov, 74), Fedotov (Silant'ev, 67), Bogdanov (c) (Tyrchanov, 62), Oliynik (Shevchyk, 60), Grechishkin (Babenko, 70)

Head coach: Pavel Yakovenko

Kyrgystan: Amirov (Zinchenko, 80), Adghiniyazov (Bekbolotov, 46), Alimov (c), Talgat, Umarov (Buglak, 46), Kichin, (Murzaev, 56), Sharipov, Shamshiev (Rustamov, 46), Sydykov, Sataev (Ghyrgalbek, 46), Doroginskiy (Musabekov, 85)

Head coach: Myrat Jymakeev

Goals: Fedotov (13), Butkovskiy (22, 33, 45)

Yellow cards: Kichin, (43), Alimov (70)

Red card: Murzaev (79)

Best players: Butkovskiy, Sydykov


Head coach of Ukraine team Pavel Yakovenko:

– We played more confident today. We had day off yesterday – it is good! Certainly, it is physically hard to play at such a busy schedule. During today's match, I already was thinking about the next one. I want to thank organizing committee for the right to make up to seven substitutions. It is a good possibility for the trainer. You can look through the candidates and give the basic players time to recover. Actually for me this tournament is rather training camp.

Head coach of Kyrgyzstan team Myrat Jymakeev:

– It was not a day of Kyrgyzstan. Today we could do nothing. Before the game I told to the sportsmen not to miss a quick goal. We have missed it. I also demanded to pay more attention to the tall and big sportsmen in opponent team. My sportsmen didn't do it. Tall men – number eight in Ukrainian team – scored three goals in a row. You see, the level of our team is much lower than Ukrainian. I consider Ukraine one of the great football nations; we have to continue our trainings to be equal. In the second half we were really upset psychologically and physically. It was evident that my players were morally devastated. We will try to recover for the next game. Our next opponent is Moldova team. It will be easier to play for us.

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