Match №10

The match № 10, group round, group B

January 21st, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 100 spectators

Moldova – Latvia 0:0

Referee: Suhoy, Stepanov, Stipidi

Moldova: Rusu, Jardan (с), Prodan, Scripchenco, Matey, Nicologlo, Platica, Zasavitskiy, Antonyuc, Gynsar', Yavorskiy

Head coach: Alexandr Kurteyan

Latvia: Vaichulis (c), Baturinskis (Isaevs, 65), Ševeļovs, Maksimenko, Roghkovskis, Bogdaskins, Petersons, Zyuzins, Visņakovs (Stuglis, 46), Karasausks, Zotovs (Vardanyans, 70)

Head coach: Anton Joore

Yellow cards: Prodan (14), Zasavitskiy (42), Zyuzins (44), Yavorskiy (59)

Best players: Rusu, Bogdaskins


Head coach of Moldova team Alexandr Kurteyan:

– We play quite confident already in the second match. But we can't score! Latvia team is very strong I noticed it in the match vs Kyrgyzstan. We played well against such strong and well-organized team. Even we had an advantage. We performed good football; sportsmen followed my instructions, and had scoring moments. But we did not manage to score. We need more luck. And, of course, it seems that individual skills are not enough, when sportsmen can't score from two or three meters. Plus we had plenty of yellow cards in the first match. The game was not too rough as I think. Referee showed yellow cards very easy. And now we will have problems for the next match as we have disqualified players. I will make changes in the start list of players not in tactical aspects. Well, maybe we will play two forwards.

Head coach of Latvia team Anton Joore:

– In general, it was a match between two equal teams. I believe that in the first half of the match we had a slight advantage in the second half Moldova began to play more active, and we had to slow down a little. We could not score, though created many chances. A sportsmen playing forward position must simply to understand that besides creating scoring chances it is important to score. Changes in the players list in comparison with the last match are due to various reasons. First – many yellow cards. Second – the need to give time to recover for basic players. Well, in the third, I give an opportunity to all sportsmen to gain international experience. It is very important when we come back to Latvia, and the players will continue to play for their clubs.

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