Match №11

The match № 11, group round, group C

January 21st, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Belarus – Tajikistan 2:0 (1:0)

Referee: Matyunin, Kas'yankov, Alekseev

Belarus: Sоrokо, Klоpotsky, Kruk (c), Vasilevsky, Anyukevich, Volovik (Suvorоv, 90), Buloichik (Yakhno, 69), Glebko (Drigalev, 67), Volodko (Kovalev, 52), Teplov, Edeshko (Saroka, 60),

Head coach: Alexey Vergeenko

Tajikistan: Saidrakhmanov, Khabibulloev, Ulmasov, Nazarov, Radjabov, Shokhzuhurov (Rustamov, 39), Fatkhulloev (c), Payzov, Davronov, Komroni (Bobiev, 72), Tukhtasunov

Head coach: Salohiddin Gafurov

Goals: Teplov (35, 85)

Missed penalty: Fathulloev (65, Goalkeeper)

Yellow cards: Khabibulloev (16), Kruk (22, 54), Glebko (63), Volovik (86), Rustamov (87)

Best players: Buloichik, Payzov

Red cards: Kruk (2 y.c.), Ulmasov (61)


Head coach of Belarus team Alexey Vergeenko:

– We have a lot of emotions after the match. Both positive and negative. I got the impression that last game we spent in Iran, and today we played – in Tajikistan. Everything was not in our favor. How we managed to win? But seriously, after the first match it was really hard to get my team together. We are one of the youngest teams in this tournament. Players are only growing up. Sorry for talking so impulsive, I am really upset about injury of Buloichik. There's a suspicion at a fracture. Back in Belarus, there are several players who could not come here for different reasons. For example we didn't bring Savitsky in case he just finished participating in Granatkin Memorial.

Head coach of Tajikistan team Salohiddin Gafurov:

– Today, both teams wanted to win. Audience likes such football. First goal messed us up, which turned to be illogic and even curious. In addition, we did not realize a penalty. Team was totally upset after it. Chaotic game started. I think we are just not lucky today. Why am I talking so calm? The answer is that we simply have no main task for this tournament. Our main aim is to give players more practice, so-called fundamentals, and to look at possible candidates. I want also to talk about penalty. Team captain wanted to do the penalty as the most experienced sportsmen. He wanted to take the game at a crucial moment, but it did not happen. This happens in football.

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