Match №12

The match № 12, group round, group C

January 21st, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

I.R. Iran – Lithuania 3:0 (1:0)

Referee: Veselov, Shvakin, Abusuev

I.R. Iran: Mohsenzadeh, Heydarieh, Vakio (Zare, 88), Cheshmi, Kanoni, Daneshgar (Moradmand, 89), Jahankohan,

(Pahlavan, 65), Abdollahzadeh (Engashte, 78), Jahan (c), Barzay (Esmaeili, 65), Choopani (Azmoun, 44)

Head coach: Akbar Mohammadi Argi

Lithuania: Brazhinskas, Jarmalavichius, Pilypas (Paulius, 29), Urbaitis, Juozaitis, Brokas, Zhulpa (c), Beneta (Jefisov, 53), Petkus (Zharskis, 80), Novikovas (Urbyalis 46; Snapkauskas, 85), Nakrosius

Head coach: Vitaliyus Stankevichius

Goals: Jahan (18, 90), Azmoun (65)

Yellow cards: Brokas (31), Novikovas (42), Zharskis (86)

Red card: Nakrosius (78)

Best players: Abdollahzadeh, Urbaitis


Head coach of I.R. Iran team Akbar Mohammadi Argi:

– I told you that our team is able to make a surprise during this tournament. And today we did it! But it is not the best of or play. We analyzed our opponents and decided that #18 could make some problems for us. But today we controlled him and didn't let Lithuanians even a chance to change a match.
We had many free kicks and corners and scored two of them but still we should improve this part of game. And we will work on it. This match has ended, we must forget it, players have to recover mentally and physically and then we will prepare for the next match.

Head coach of Lithuania team Vitaliyus Stankevichius:

– I want congratulate our opponent with a victory. A deserved victory. We did not play, could not get together, and had no time to recover. I told yesterday, that is it impossible to play football without a functional training. Iran team controlled the ball well; sportsmen were too quick for us. We were just standing. It is impossible to win the match just standing on theе football field. I already in the first half felt that my team is not the one that it was in the first match. Even our leader – number eighteen – didn't manage to show himself. Now we have a day of rest to recover. I can define the situation with the referee as a little strange. Sportsmen from Iran team were falling at the first touch, as our player received a yellow card for simulation immediately. Anyway, it is football. Referees would have to pay more attention for these moments.

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