Match №14

The match № 14, group round, group B

January 22nd, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 100 spectators

Moldova – Kyrgyzstan 2:1 (0:0)

Referee: Shadyhanov, Grechishkin, Usachev

Moldova: Rusu, Jardan (с), Modirca (Golovco, 79), Scripchenco, Leu (Cociuc, 61), Nicologlo, Platica, Matey (Apostol, 90), Antonyuc, Gynsar', Dima

Head coach: Alexandr Kurteyan

Kyrgystan: Amirov, Adghiniyazov, Alimov, Talgat (c), Buglak, Shamshiev (Umarov, 66), Sydykov, Sharipov, Musabekov, Ghyrgalbek, Doroginskiy (Rustamov, 73)

Head coach: Myrat Jymakeev

Goals: Platica (69), Sharipov (75), Jardan (81)

Yellow cards: Talgat (54), Buglak (63), Matey (90), Umarov (90)

Best players: Gynsar', Talgat


Head coach of Moldova team Alexandr Kurteyan:

– I am pleased we have succeeded. My sportsmen were the solid team on the pitch, showed the character. And we are lucky today. I admit deficit of luck in matches with Ukraine and Latvia. Let me mention that individual skills of out sportsmen need to be better. We work on it constantly. And you see: two standard positions – two goals. It's a pity that we could not manage to score during plain match. It is not for lack of forwards. We have perspective forwards but they have to keep on training. We missed initiative sometimes; gate was under dangerous attack. Once again the team was solid as one with the character.

Head coach of Kyrgyzstan team Myrat Jymakeev:

– It is good to participate in such tournaments where you can check the players. We are not a soccer country like Russia or Ukraine, and it is hard to play against strong contenders. Such tournaments are a great opportunity to run in the youth and learn. Today during match we created many scoring chances, but there is a lack of ability to realize it. Although it was draw 1:1 and we even had the opportunity to score. The lack of experience affected my sportsmen and we missed a goal at the end. You do not score – opponent scores the winning goal. That is the experience. Here, at the tournament we are getting it. The more of such matches we play, the more experience we get.

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