Match №5

The match № 5, group С, second tournament day

LATVIA – MOSCOW 1:0 (1:0)

January 25th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 200 spectators

Referees: Vitaly Rushakov, Konstantin Shalamberidze, Vladimir Korzhevsky

Latvia: Varazinskis, Loginovs (Miķelsons, 87), Barinovs, Vardanjans (Flaksis, 90), Kazachoks (Kiriļins, 84), Svarups (Gutkovskis, 59), Giļnichs (c), Shlampe, Klimashevichs, Indrans (Ikaunieks, 46), Mukins (Tidenbergs, 67)

Head coach: Dainis Kazakevichs

Moscow: Radionov, Tsybikov, Daniluk, Burnash, Polyakov (c) (Djukkaev, 88), Sokolov (Zaerko, 63), Morgunov (Merejko, 46), Sutormin (Ajiev, 69), Mamonov, Kurzenev (Sinyavsky, 74), Ivaschenko (Dubchak, 46; Hartiyady, 79)

Head coach: Vladimir Scherbak

Goal: Loginovs (37)

Yellow cards: Giļnichs (11), Indrans (45), Shlampe (55), Gutkovskis (72), Sutormin (64)

Red card: Mamonov (24)

Best players: Artjoms Loginovs, Alexandr Tsybikov


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After match comments

Head coach of team Latvia Dainis Kazakevichs:

– I can say that I'm not satisfied with the playing of my team. There was a fight of equal teams on first minutes of the match, we managed to score. But after the red card to Moscow we discovered problems in our lines. The conclusion is: good side is that we could win; bad side – our game actions in general. Moscow team after the red card rushed forward, trying to level the score, free zones appeared in their schemes. We had to use it in our counter attacks, but instead of it we had many problems. It was a luck that goalkeeper saved us. I can note him personally.

– You gave many demands to your squad, even in two languages, and stopped any appeals to referee –

– I can speak not only Russian and Latvian, but also English if it is needed. Our national team is multinational. The game is fast, we need speed, quick decisions, quick reaction for my demands. I speak on language, that is more understandable for the certain player in the certain moment. As for the referees, I told to my players – it is not reasonable to appeal to referee when he has already taken decision. None of referees in the world will recall his decision. That is why I try to teach them to respect any decision of referee. I want my players to spend their emotions for the game, not for the referee's decision.

– Have you specially psyched up your team before this match?

– For sure, but only because it was the first match, and not because of Moscow team. Frankly speaking, every match is very important for us and we have to prepare for each of them.

– Did you have any problems while preparation to this tournament?

– Commonwealth Cup is held not on "FIFA days", that is why many strong players are busy in their clubs. Some players couldn't come here and our team has average staff. It is not bad, by the way, we have the possibility to look through reserved players, and substitutions are really equal. The level of my players is nearly the same.

Head coach of team Moscow Vladimir Scherbak:

– It is difficult to give an objective estimation to the game right after its ending. Emotions are still dominating. We knew team Latvia to be in quite a fighting fit, we knew they are able to show a quality football. I agree with my colleague that positive result in each match is the main thing on this tournament. This is not a championship where you have some room for mistake. In such competitions each score is like gold dust. My players' commitment is all right, but there are some troubles with realization. We created so many scoring moments and haven't scored any goal.

– Is it difficult to manage a team which has no essential prospects on the tournament?

– There is still a goal to win every match. Another thing is that, indeed, such team is unique because it plays only one tournament. If we were invited next year and after a year it would be another thing. And now it was not just the force of the player we considered but his desire to play at the Commonwealth Cup. Surely many players couldn't come. Now it's time when young football players need to find places in clubs. So we have only those who have found already, mostly in the second league teams.

– So your team could have been a higher level?

– Of course! But I never speak bad about players, even if I feel bad. This team is also a rather high level, we just had very little time for trainings.

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