Match №6

The match № 6, group С, second tournament day


January 25th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 200 spectators

Referees: Kirill Levnikov, Aleksey Alekseev, Rashid Abusuev

Belarus: Vasiliuchak, Klapotski, Karpovich (Nazarenko, 78), Shastsilouski, Shramchanka (Kavaliou, 62), Savitski (c) (Zuk, 84), Lebedzeu (Rassadkin, 75), Yanchanka (Нurenko, 58), Yablonskiy (Kaplenka, 70), Pazniak (Sokal, 86), Yelezaranka

Head coach: Ihar Kavalevich

Kazakhstan: Pavlov, Rudosselskiy, Sartakov, Passichnik, Lunin (Filchakov, 72), Grek (Aslan, 85), Islamkhan (c), Zhukov, Murtazayev (Li, 67), Allayarov (Zhanggylyshbay, 38), Kuat

Head coach: Saulius Sirmelis

Goals: Shastsilouski (9), Savitski (12), Lebedzeu (22), Shramchanka (37), Islamkhan (57)

Yellow cards: Rudosselskiy (10), Yanchanka (26), Klapotski (56), Zhanggylyshbay (65), Zhukov (74)

Best players: Pavel Savitski, Islambek Kuat


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After match comments

Head coach of team Belarus Ihar Kavalevich:

– We've played a good match. Especially the first half. The second we managed worse for a number of reasons. But we are not able yet to play all the 90 minutes like we played the first half. So, the scheme was changed a bit. We also made many substitutions to watch other guys.

– Your team scored all the four goals in the first half. Did they fail to show their best in the second? Was it because of the opponent or because the guys decided the game had been done and they could easy up?

– The first thing is psychology, of course. Another thing is that we gathered only on January, 14. I asked the guys to follow the curriculum I gave them time for vacations, but unfortunately they all came to train for the national team in different fits. You can say, the team is now fit for not more than 60 minutes of playing, and that's where the substitutions come from. Our physical form is also not perfect. So, there's a whole range of reasons. I don't know this age quite well: I'm working with this team not so long. Kazakhstan improved in the second half and we broke down. Some more reasons can be mentioned.

– Your guys couldn't come for substitutions at once because they had their stockings cut and the referee made them tape it. It made you indignant.

– Of course it makes me indignant when the player is tired and needs substitution and you can't substitute him because the other player is taping the stockings. It shouldn't be like this. So I'm now bringing back the "classical" methods of discipline and you may be sure next time there won't be such cases. Everyone will have the right stockings and right everything. Believe me. It's just the first match.

Head coach of team Kazakhstan Saulius Sirmelis:

– I want to congratulate my colleague with the victory. Talking about our game, I can say that there were two different halves. We won the second half even, but it wasn't enough because we lost first half tremendously and it was impossible after it to level the score. The main reason of our defeat is our defense. None of my defenders play in Championship, they didn't have game practice at all. This age, 1993rd, isn't played in Kazakhstan and the absence of practice is obvious in our playing.

– Was the early substitution made because of the injury, or you tried to change the situation?

– Certainly, we tried. I let my forward, who can enforce the attack, try to change the way of the match. We needed to do something, there was no chance to play this way further. Fast goals spoiled our plans for this match, we had to invent new tactics, new schemes.

– At the end of the match one could see that your players were really upset. Did they believe they could save the match?

– Why not? We won the second half; if we scored second goal, no one knows how it would finish. For sure, they believe they could save this match. It can't be different in such situation. One must always believe in victory. My players did all they could till the very end. We tried to change the match – nothing was lost.

– Number 10 of your team was more noticeable among others. There was an impression that he tried to save the match, but the partners didn't understand him. How long is he in the team?

– He came to us not long ago. He was born in Kazakhstan, but at the age of 5 he left for Belgium, grew up there, and still he lives abroad. Recently, he began to issue the citizenship of Kazakhstan and couldn't train with us. That is the reason of lack of understanding among him and others. He is a talented player, it is obvious. He has different style, different conduct of the game. Some time is needed to insert him into our schemes, and then we'll have the result.

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