Match №8

The match № 8, group A, second tournament day


January 25th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 500 spectators

Referees: Sergey Smirnov, Aleksey Krokhin, Andrey Veretyoshkin

Kyrgyzstan: Omorov, Barsukov (Iusupov, 36), Kolbaev, Kozubaev (c), Sharsheev (Talgat, 74), Talantbekov, Otkeev, Umarov, Musabekov (Sagynbaev, 87), Israilov (Akhmataliev, 74), Zhyrgalbek

Head coach: Anarbek Ormombekov

Tajikistan: Gadoyboev, Beknazarov, Asimov (Said, 51), Juraboev (Tusmatov, 76), Sharipov F. (Safarzoda, 90), Ergashev (c) (Sharipov A., 86), Rakhmatov (Rustamov, 84), Saidhoni, Abdugafor, Jalilov, Rakhmonov (Tursunov, 72)

Head coach: Mahmojon Habibullaev

Goals: Rakhmatov (11), Rakhmonov (69), Musabekov (76), Sagynbaev (90)

Failed penalty kick: Talantbekov (81, goalkeeper)

Yellow cards: Beknazarov (12), Saidhoni (12), Rakhmatov (55), Kolbaev (74), Talantbekov (76), Jalilov (83), Talgat (83), Gadoyboev (84), Musabekov (84)

Red cards: Beknazarov (79, 2nd yellow card), Rustamov (90)

Best players: Vladislav Barsukov, Muminjon Gadoyboev


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After match comments

Head coach of team Kyrgyzstan Anarbek Ormombekov:

– Emotions still hold me. The match was so intensive and strained that I need to take breath. There were many duels and much desire: the unyielding teams with character played till the end. It's a pleasure to play against such opponents. We completely failed the first half: team Tajikistan was the absolute winner; we just didn't expect such a start from them. We thought it would be calmer. To my great joy, the guys could compose themselves, to bring the ball down, and to try their own football. We failed to level the score in the first half, but we were lucky not to miss more. We held a minute of silence for the first half in the changing room and decided to start the second one as if it was the first.

So, you didn't expect the opponent to start the game in such temp and press you at your goal area?

– Frankly, we didn't expect such aggression. The guys got lost and my shouts and instructions couldn't reach them. I wanted them to reform. But the guys broke up. It's luck that it was not longer than 20 minutes, for we might have missed more during this time.

– What happened to your player who was injured in the first half?

– I'm not sure, I still have to talk to the doctor. But during the game he gave a sign that he needed substitution. His knee swelled badly. I don't know the diagnosis so far but he even finds it difficult to walk.

– This was a meeting between two Asian teams and the intensity of emotions was enormous. Was it a derby for you, or it was just an accident?

– Even friendly matches between our teams don't look friendly. There are always fighting and nerves. There can't be friendly matches when a game is principal. It's not only about us, it's about all the teams from youth to national.

– You passed all the last minutes of the match on your feet, you and the other coaches. Emotions were exploding. Are you not afraid that the guys may wear out at the next match?

– On the contrary, such a draw may trigger them. Gee them up. You see, we had a problem to decide today. And I'm glad that we have a squad where everyone believed we could save the match and did his best. And you can imagine how many emotions they had after the failed penalty kick which was in fact remade and failed again. This causes much strained nerves. I felt like having a trip on another planet.

Head coach of team Tajikistan Mahmojon Habibullaev:

– I would like to wish our player Abdella Said happy birthday on behalf of the Football Federation, the supporters, and myself. What for the game, we spent too much force in the previous match and lacked them today in the end. But the guys showed the football we demand. In the end it was not the opponent who won us but the referee. We were left ten and we got a penalty kick, and it was kicked twice, and the second player got a red card. They can't judge like this on such a tournament. The game was rough still in the first half, in fact, and he could have shown yellow cards, but he didn't, and then he was showing them only to our side. I'm quite disappointed about it.

– But the referee let your goalkeeper show himself. Had he not appointed the second penalty kick it would have been just a bar, and as it is your goalkeeper saved an 11 meters kick.

– All the same, such things shouldn't happen.

– After your second goal Kyrgyzstan eased up and you could make the victory secure after scoring the third goal. Did you lack desire to finish the opponent up, or you just decided to hold the score you had on the screen?

– You know, if we had scored the third goal we would have been playing the same way. We wouldn't have played from defense. Our task for this match was to gain 3 points, and we wanted to score even playing ten.

– Your attacking forces were quite large, 5-6 players. Were you not afraid that the defenders could fail to stop a counter attack?

– No, we were not. The guys had such a strong desire to win that they couldn't be stopped. But our defenders backed them, all the more Kyrgyzstan played one forward.

– Would you tell us about your goalkeeper? Did he have a benefit today, or he always plays like this? He not only saved the penalty kick but also showed himself in the game several times.

– He plays for his club first team in Tajikistan Championship. At the Asian Championship in Qatar he played for the youth national team. He was the best player yesterday, for he saved us several times. And today he is best again.

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