Match №9

The match № 9, group B, third tournament day


January 26th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Anton Anopa, Ilya Yeleferenko, Dmitry Safyan

Moldova: Avram, Modirca, Graur (Spataru, 90), Bogdan, Jardan, Rata, Anton, Carp (c), Zlatan (Ursu, 68), Dima (Tugui, 68), Mirza (Lisa, 73)

Head coach: Alexandr Kurteian

St. Petersburg: Sizko, Deyneko, Ivanov V. (Pankov, 90), Umarov (Zolotarenko, 72), Kayukov (c) (Krivulkin, 59), Efimov (Lyisenkov, 80; Tsvetkov, 86), Panfilov, Ivanov A., Bogayev (Mironov, 61), Tundenkov (Lyasovy, 85), Guschin

Head coach: Boris Rapoport

Goals: Panfilov (16, 75), Efimov (63)

Yellow cards: Umarov (30), Efimov (51), Bogdan (64), Anton (74), Krivulkin (77)

Red cards: Sizko (85)

Best players: Gheprghe Anton, Alexey Panfilov


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After match comments

Head coach of team Moldova Alexandr Kurteian:

– Boris Rapoport is always a challenging opponent both at matches and press conferences. He is always the leader! Well, speaking seriously, today it was a good fighting game. The guys are only learning how to play football, so they must play with passion. We have set a task to change the pattern of the game. Of course there are mistakes. First of all it's realization of scoring moment. We have to work at the game quality, to invent something on the field.

– You've played two matches and both against the home teams. Can you compare the opponents?

– Yes, we lost both matches with the same score – 0:3. I guess it's not quite correct to compare them but both teams are very technical and sound. But I'd say the main problem for the team of Moldova is ourselves. We made many mistakes and caused problems to our goalkeeper.

– One of Moldavian portals mentioned that the early start of the match could be a problem for you. Was it right?

– Do you mean the time gap? Right, the match started at 10 a. m. by Moldavian standard time. But it hardly could be a problem for my players. I can't say it could prevent us from winning. Well, it is good that we've lost today. There are good grounds for saying: "It's not the wins but the lost matches that teach!"

Head coach of team St. Petersburg Boris Rapoport:

– I'm always not totally satisfied with the game, because I clearly know who made mistakes and how many mistakes were done. If Moldova had scored on first minutes in this match everything would have been different. Positive moment is realization of our scoring moments. There were not so many sharp moments but the percentage of its realization was rather high. We are forming the team in the moment. I like our character today. We struggled in every tough moment, emotions were really high. At the same time we do not win in football aspects. For sure, by the score on the scoreboard we have 2 wins, but by the game we are not better than anyone here.

– We have seen the training and warming up of your team and noted the warm conversations among coaches and players. Your assistants asked to play football with pleasure –

– We saw some of our players had heart sinking before the match, we tried to talk and psych them up. A player must get pleasure from the game! Look what pitch, conditions, form, balls we have! Just play and improve yourself! Even the veterans come to the pitch with glint in their eyes and passion. That's the way young players must come to the match.

– We have distinguished № 2 Roman Krivulkin as a defender on Valentin Granatrkin Memorial. You have invited him for the Commonwealth Cup but let him play as a midfielder. What is his normal position on the pitch?

– He was playing left defender on Valentin Granatkin Memorial, but on the championship of North-western region, where he had become the winner, he was a central midfielder. Roman is universal player. He is very perspective but still very young. He is 1996th year of birth and this tournament is for the age of 1993rd. But he shows fight here. Even on trainings our players are afraid of him. I wouldn't invite 17 years old player if I had alternative of older age.

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