Match №11

The match № 11, group С, third tournament day


January 26th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 400 spectators

Referees: Roman Galimov, Andrey Runov, Ivan Kasyankov

Kazakhstan: Pavlov, Rudosselskiy (Aslan, 6), Sartakov (Shmidt, 46), Passichnik, Lunin, Grek, Islamkhan (c), Zhukov (Filchakov, 80), Zhanggylyshbay (Li, 58), Murtazayev (Allayarov, 71), Kuat

Head coach: Saulius Sirmelis

Moscow: Radionov (c), Tsybikov (Kuftin, 36), Daniluk, Burnash, Zaerko (Sokolov, 65), Sinyavsky (Djukkaev, 73), Morgunov (Kurzenev, 60), Dubchak (Sutormin, 46), Merejko (Polyakov, 46), Drozdov, Hartiyady (Ajiev, 46)

Head coach: Vladimir Scherbak

Goals: Zhanggylyshbay (11), Murtazayev (61)

Yellow cards: Kuat (34), Sartakov (41), Passichnik (67)

Best players: Stanislav Pavlov, Georgy Burnash


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After match comments

Head coach of team Kazakhstan Saulius Sirmelis:

– I'll be short: I'm not upset.

– In spite of the score, there was an impression that you are not satisfied with performance of your players – they could score more. Do you train goal strikes separately?

– The age of 21 is not suitable for training goal strikes. It must be trained in childhood. There is a saying: "What Johnny didn't learn John wouldn't do". The basics must be found in young ages.

– Was it difficult to psych up your players after the defeat with Belarus?

– If you remember previous match the score didn't reflect the game. We conceded 2 goals at the beginning – beautiful goals. But we won second half. It's not my rule to shout "Shame! Blame!" There are two teams playing for the victory always. Yesterday the luck wasn't on our side, today it's not on the side of Moscow. I can say that debt has come back. Now we will hope for the help of Moscow in their next match to keep our chances for high places in this tournament.

– You are a foreign coach for Kazakhstan. Can you estimate the level of progressing football in that region?

– I've come here for Commonwealth Cup at the beginning of 2000 and I clearly remember the level of Kazakh teams of that period. They ceded all the moments (Commonwealth Cup was club tournament in that period) in matches with football clubs from other countries: Spartak (Moscow), Dynamo (Kiev) and others. Today the level of football has improved greatly in Kazakhstan. There is a state program of football developing. As far as I know, many new football pitches must be made by 2015. Every football club will have training field besides the main pitch. Developing is in progress. The success of "Shakhter" (Karaganda) is not casual. To my mind it is only the beginning.

Head coach of team Moscow Vladimir Scherbak:

– My only impression is disappointment. We'll have a more detailed analysis after we watch the recording of the match. We may have lost in tactics but I can't blame the guys for lack of commitment.

– Vladimir, first let us wish you a happy birthday! It's a pity that your team couldn't make you a present. However, there was an impression that you lost both matches tactically in equal fights. Is that right?

– You may be right. I can't relieve myself from responsibility for the defeats: there were possible mistakes. But, you see, one can't frame a tactically educated team within such a short period of time. At that the players were following the coaches' instructions. They haven't scored because the level of skill hasn't allowed.

– What do you think nowadays players lack?

– I think the problem is the excess. Imagine you have a $100.000 wage. Are you able to bear such a burden? And now think what happens to a young boy in such situation. Yes, today everything is different. We have splendid artificial pitches and infrastructure. But we neither had problems with training bases before. I was born in Siberia, and when I was playing we had 6-7 natural pitches of excellent quality. We had neither computers nor such developed television nor so many temptations. And I completely agree with my colleague that the stars came from the regions which lacked the advanced infrastructure of the capital.

– Today there was quite a rough fighting and both teams suffered losses. What's the condition of your injured player?

– I know the ambulance took him to the hospital in the beginning of the second half. Now our doctor follows him. The preliminary examination revealed a heavy concussion, but break is also considered. We'll hope for the best!

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