Match №13

The match № 13, group A, fourth tournament day


January 27th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 200 spectators

Referees: Sergey Kulikov, Rashid Abusuyev, Aleksey Alekseyev

Estonia: Tamme, Avilov, Mets (Vihmann, 87), Lepistu (c) (Tekko, 87), Raudsepp, Vaelja (Elhi, 46), Gussev (Kauber, 70), Ustaal (Marin, 60), Kirss (Vashchuk, 60), Aloe (Pikk, 70), Martynov

Head coach: Martin Reim

Kyrgyzstan: Omorov, Iusupov, Kolbaev (Karipov, 87), Kozubaev (c), Sharsheev (Talgat, 46), Talantbekov (Sagynbaev, 79), Otkeev (Temirbaev, 74), Umarov (Naidenov, 77), Musabekov, Israilov (Akhmataliev, 46), Zhyrgalbek (Taalaibekov, 72)

Head coach: Anarbek Ormombekov

Goals: Lepistu (49), Gussev (57), Kauber (76)

Yellow cards: Raudsepp (40), Musabekov (66), Omorov (90)

Best players: Brent Lepistu, Tamirlan Kozubaev


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After match comments

Head coach of team Estonia Martin Reim:

– Surely it was a hard game. Generally, 3 games in 4 days is a very hard schedule for any team. That's why my main task for this match was bringing some freshness into it. I believe I've done it. We were leading in pressing and controlling the ball. While we made many mistakes and created few moments in the first half, in the second my guys managed to organize some good attacks which resulted in scoring.

– Previous matches were quite hard for you, in the last game you played shorthanded. Was your team able to recover?

– Yes, yesterday we had a training day and we worked only at physics. But all the same I had to put an almost new starting composition, for many of the players wouldn't stand such a rhythm. I let 6 new players on the field from the very beginning, and I think this allowed us to dispose forces for the match and to finish with victory. One more positive moment, I could look through some other players and got the opinion of their abilities.

Head coach of team Kyrgyzstan Anarbek Ormombekov:

– I thank team Estonia for the game. I can say concerning my guys that they failed to accomplish what we coaches demanded from them before the match. The opponents did everything right, they controlled the ball and were pressing in each area leaving us no possibility to take breath. Thus they made our defenders play on long passes. And in attack our forwards were losing all the upper passes. There was only one team on the pitch today – Estonia. We were just spectators.

– You had a tough match with Tajikistan when you could level the score on the last minutes. Did you have enough strength for this match?

– There was a risk our players would be wasted before this match. Coaches' staff tried to psych up our squad, tried to find right words for them. My players were spoiling for a fight today, we had a tough and equal fight in the first half. Out team has very young players on the bench and in difficult situations we can't rely on them.

– What can you say about your goalkeeper? Can you estimate his actions today?

– I can say he lost the way of the game, and even had misconduct at the end. In the moment of the first goal he put the defensive wall and hid behind it, and the result was the goal to the empty part of the net. There was no reason also to go forward at the end to outplay forward.

– Are your matches on Commonwealth Cup popular in Kyrgyzstan? Are they watched by big audience?

– Our Federation pays much attention for our performance here. There were made all conditions for work, organized several training sessions, one of them was in Qatar. The rights for broadcasting this tournament in Kyrgyzstan were also bought. It's a pity, but we couldn't live up expectations.

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