Match №14

The match № 14, group A, fourth tournament day


January 27th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Denis Shpilyov, Dmitriy Safyan, Ilya Eleferenko

Tajikistan: Gadoyboev, Sharipov A., Asimov (Togoyzoda, 60), Juraboev (Saidov, 58), Sharipov F., Ergashev (c) (Tusmatov, 85), Rakhmatov (Tursunov, 70), Saidhoni, Abdugafor (Fuzailov, 72), Jalilov (Safarzoda, 52), Rakhmonov

Head coach: Mahmojon Habibullaev

Ukaraine: Makharadze (Tkachenko, 46), Bratkov (c) (Vakulenko, 57), Mishnev, Akulinin, Malinovsky (Yurchenko, 46), Svatok, Miroshnichenko (Pysko, 46), Puchkovsky (Totovitsky, 46), Myakushko (Kalitvinzev, 66), Gonchar, Bliznichenko (Memeshev, 57)

Head coach: Sergey Kovalets

Goals: Akulinin (56), Yurchenko (59), Totovitski (79), Kalitvinzev (85), Rahmonov (89)

Yellow cards: Mishnev (14), Sharipov (32), Abdugafor (36), Jalilov (49), Memeshev (75), Vakulenko (88)

Best players: Dmitry Mishnev, Amrohon Saidhoni


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After match comments

Head coach of team Tajikistan Mahmojon Habibullaev:

– In the first half we have played from defense. We used counter attacks and were successful. But in 10 minutes after the beginning of second half we became tired. We were out of forces because we had tough game yesterday. We had the aim to watch all the players we've brought here, that is why we are not upset because of the score.

– You said that you have come to play from defense. What was the reason of it, exhausting after the match against Kyrgyzstan or different tactics?

– I have told before the tournament that Russia and Ukraine are the favorites of this Cup. To play open football against one of them wouldn't be a good idea. You are right that previous game took much forces, that is why we decided to play carefully and use counter attacks.

– Even with the score 0:3 your players went forward and had real sharp moments. They hit the bar and scored a goal. Wouldn't it be more useful to not be afraid of Ukraine and not to fall back to defense?

– By that moment we had made several substitutions and the fresh players improved our attack. They scored a goal and could score more, but the others didn't support them. They were exhausted and walked on the pitch.

– The goal you have scored, was it important for the team?

– Certainly, any goal is important, even with the score 0:10. At the beginning my players were afraid of the opponents and tried to be careful. Then there was nothing to lose and my squad believed they could score more. Consolation goal was important for them.

Head coach of team Ukraine Sergey Kovalets:

– We've played on a big day: on the Day of lifting the blockade of Leningrad. It is a bright day for our people. The match was an exciting struggle. We couldn't finish combinations with the final pass. The guys felt they've qualified the group and decided not to show their best. They eased up. But it's not the result but the quality of the game that counts. We had too many mistakes in the first half, and those were technical mistakes. And this prevented us from making progress with the success. But in the second half we managed to score and finish the game with victory.

– Vladislav Kalitvinzev performed a splendid goal with a far distance kick. Is it his regular trained kick or just an accident?

– Vlad is a player with a well-trained kick. He often performs such goals, if you remember last year he scored the same way in Russian goal area. You see, a kick is the accomplishment of an attack. And if a player is capable for such kicks he must make use of it, he must find a possibility to make the final kick on the goal.

– You change a lot today's starting composition. Are you satisfied with the players' performance?

– I am. The main thing is the result. But they had mistakes in technics and we have to work on their correction. But in the game it's easier to help the guys, to correct them, because you see their mistakes at once.

– Your number 11, Akulinin, had too much mistakes today: in making passes, in finishing kicks, in return service. But he managed to open the score. Was it the reason why you haven't substituted him? Gratitude for the first goal?

– We try to build the game so that every player could get his playing time, in order to be able to see what he can. You know, we didn't have any preparing period before coming here. And it's important for us that all the players have equal time for performing. You are right, he ruined many moments, and had he realized everything the score could have been 5:0 and 6:0. But it's football. It's good that a forward creates moments. Where there're moments there'll be a goal. And he scored his goal.

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