Match №18

The match № 18, group C, fifth tournament day

MOSCOW – BELARUS 2:2 (0:2)

January 28th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 200 spectators

Referees: Sergey Smirnov, Ivan Kasyankov, Aleksandr Shimarygin

Moscow: Radionov (c), Kuftin, Daniluk, Burnash, Polyakov (с), Sokolov (Djukkaev, 32; Morgunov, 60), Sutormin (Ajiev, 78), Merejko (Zaerko, 55), Drozdov, Kurzenev (Sinyavsky, 46), Ivaschenko (Dubchak, 33)

Head coach: Vladimir Scherbak

Belarus: Vasiliuchak, Klapotski, Karpovich, Shastsilouski, Savitski (c) (Нurenko, 81), Kavaliou (Shramchanka, 46), Lebedzeu , (Rassadkin, 76), Yanchanka (Zuk, 83; Nazarenko, 90), Yablonskiy (Zalesky, 74), Pazniak, Yelezaranka

Head coach: Ihar Kavalevich

Goals: Klapotski (9; 45, pen.), Morgunov (83), Zaerko (90)

Yellow cards: Djukkaev (39), Pazniak (63), Drozdov (90)

Best players: Anton Daniluk, Yauheni Klapotski


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After match comments

Head coach of team Moscow Vladimir Scherbak:

– My impression from the game is the deep gratitude to my guys. I'm grateful they played three matches in the conditions to which they are not used and showed quite worthy in this match in spite of all the prevocational moments. They treated both referees and opponents with respect and showed a good playing.

– You made two substitutions still in the first half, on the 30th minute. Was it because of mistake in the lineup, or something happened to the players?

– I'm not the kind of coaches who shift the guilt on their players. But there were no mistakes in the lineup. You see, the tournament is short-termed, the players get injured and sometimes keep silence about it. They are eager to play and don't tell they are injured, but in the game injures reveal. The coaches and doctors watch them to know who needs substitution. Those who came on the pitch also had injures. But they were able to play. Besides, some players were not on their positions and we tried to arrange them in the game.

– It seemed to me today that your number 12 was outstanding, I fancied his playing. Could you tell us about him? Do you agree he's worthy distinguishing?

– If I'm not wrong you speak about Nikita Dubchak? He's a player of FC Lokomotive-2, Moscow. And he has a great progress on the tournament, and I hope he will keep on. But I wouldn't distinguish him. Though, he may be not in demand in his club. He may be playing so well to attract attention and then either be left in Lokomotiv or be taken in another club.

– Your game was the finishing in the group stage, you knew who can be your next opponents in each case. Wasn't it making problems in playing?

– No, we never are thinking of such things because we come to play and win. Trying to make the best of the game in such cases usually results in failing the game. We wanted to qualify. Look how the guys were fighting. Many of them could be taken note of because of their devotion, of how they were saving this game.

Head coach of team Belarus Ihar Kavalevich:

– I can note that our group on this tournament was nearly the strongest. All matches were interesting. As for today's game, I 'm proud of my players, they could make lead at start with 2 scored goals, then they stopped attacks of Moscow and kept the draw at the end. They lack psychological stability and after substitutions our played schemes were deformed. But in general, it was a good and interesting match.

– You have scored two goals today after free kicks. But you failed to score in playing moments. What is the reason?

– I have already told that we have a new team. It was third match for this staff of players and there are some rubs. We have to transfer our scoring moments into goals, but now we have these moments and fail them. But the positive thing is that we do have such moments and one more that we scored with place kicks and penalty kicks at least.

– Matches of play-off are ahead. Will you change somehow the schemes of your team or will you keep everything as it is?

– If you want to change playing schemes you need time and a range of players. As you could see we've done 3-4 substitutions during matches because we have only 13-14 players for lineup. It is very difficult to invent anything new. We will watch the matches of St. Petersburg and maybe we will prepare some surprises.

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