Match №20

The match № 20, quarterfinals, sixth tournament day


January 29th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 500 spectators

Referees: German Kravchenko, Nikolay Eryomin, Andrey Bolotenkov

St. Petersburg: Sizko, Krivulkin (Zakarlyuka, 63), Deyneko, Ivanov V. (Smirnov, 72), Umarov (Lyisenkov, 90), Efimov (Zolotarenko, 63), Panfilov (c), Ivanov A., Aslanov (Lyasovy, 52), Bogayev (Mironov, 69), Tundenkov (Pankov, 89)

Head coach: Boris Rapoport

Belarus: Vasiliuchak, Klapotski, Karpovich (Kavaliou, 83), Shastsilouski (Zalesky, 46), Hurenko (Nazarenko, 46), Savitski (c) (Zuk, 87), Lebedzeu (Rassadkin, 15; Shramchanka, 27), Sokal, Yanchanka (Kaplenka, 77), Yablonskiy, Yelezaranka

Head coach: Ihar Kavalevich

Goals: Shramchanka (29, 57), Yablonskiy (47)

Yellow cards: Karpovich (9), Shastsilouski (28)

Best players: Andrey Ivanov, Uladiclau Vasiliuchak


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After match comments

Head coach of team St.Petersburg Boris Rapoport:

– I consider the win of team Belarus deserved, though the score doesn't quite correspond to the game. The opponent has scored all his moments. And we had unforgivably lots of faults together with problems with the lineup: some players of the first team were lacking, including one of the central defenders. As the result, some of my players failed today to show a playoff game. You could see, we let in all the goals due to the blunders of our defenders. The opponent makes a corner kick and my defense doesn't have time to block zones. Yes, the Belorussian makes a fine kick in the far upper corner, but it happened because our defense line allowed it.

– Today it seemed that players of St. Petersburg played without glint in the eyes. Is it right?

– Here, I can't agree with you. They are tired, that's right. They eased up. And they have problems with psychology. Controlling the ball and having scoring moments we let in, again, due to silly childish mistakes. You see, when a team is tired everybody knows he should play easier but we start inventing something and making it more complicated. Today's match reminds me the game against Russia. We not only kept pace, we had some advantage and attacked much, but the final score is not for us. As any team, we have our leaders. Alexey Panfilov, Andrey Ivanov, Vitaly Ivanov seemed to take the initiative and tried to encourage their mates but didn't succeed.

– Does this team St. Petersburg have prospects?

– I'd wish it had, but it's not me who decides it. When we got a possibility to play for our city at the Commonwealth Cup I suggested it to Vlad Radimov and his Zenit-2, but they've already preplanned training session. For the same reason Zenkov and Yevseev couldn't play for our team, though I asked them. The guys need to prepare for the season.

Head coach of team Belarus Ihar Kavalevich:

– Certainly I'm satisfied with victory and result. We have won a very organized team and the result is more pleasant because of it. It's time to prepare for semifinal.

– On 15th minute of the match you have made first substitution and then let the fresh player back with the next substitution. What had happened?

– That was a critical moment. Both players got injuries in a row. We lost our forwards Lebedzeu and Rassadkin and I have no more strikers in the team.

– That is why you have let Shramchanka play, haven't you?

– Frankly speaking, I didn't want him to play. He had made many mistakes in previous games. I wanted him to think about it. The act of god has appeared and I had to substitute injured forward with someone. I let Shramchanka play. He made this game: scored two goals, assisted all the attacks; he is not forward by the way. I'm happy that he had made right conclusions, corrected his faults and won back his place in the lineup.

– Also one can note Savitski among your players. Is he a leader?

– Let me say he has potential. I think it is impossible to define certainly a leader in this age. Because of his playing skills I have given him the captain's band.

– Your team had a chance to play with two Russian teams: Moscow and St. Petersburg, can you compare them?

– Probably comparison won't be correct here, but I can say that both teams are strong enough, tactically and technically skilled. They are not similar and differ from each other, but they brought us problems. We had even psychological break in the match with Moscow: leading 2:0 had transferred in the end into the draw.

– Leading 3:0 today you were still asking your team to go forward, even brought the ball back to players from out. Is it a coach's fairplay?

– We try to play correct football, I want my players to be disciplined and show spectacular playing that tribunes like. That is why I brought a ball back to the pitch as fast as I could.

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