Match №21

The match № 21, quarterfinals, sixth tournament day

LATVIA – ESTONIA 0:2 (0:0)

January 29th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 200 spectators

Referees: Kirill Levnikov, Andrey Runov, Yegor Bolkhovitin

Latvia: Varazinskis, Loginovs (Tidenbergs, 66), Barinovs, Vardanjans (Kazachoks, 78), Kirilins (Svarups, 74), Ikaunieks, Giļnichs (c), Shlampe, Klimashevichs, Gutkovskis, Mukins

Head coach: Dainis Kazakevichs

Estonia: Aland, Elhi, Mets (c), Pikk (Aloe, 89), Marin (Lepistu, 72), Raudsepp (Martynov, 87), Vaelja (Gussev, 60), Vashchuk, Tekko (Kauber, 46), Vihmann, Kukebal (Ustaal, 46)

Head coach: Martin Reim

Goals: Gussev (72), Vashchuk (82)

Yellow cards: Elhi (36), Shlampe (51), Ikaunieks (60)

Best players: Davis Ikaunieks, Boghdan Vashchuk


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After match comments

Head coach of team Latvia Dainis Kazakevichs:

– As we expected, the game was equal, though fighting-like. There were two equal and worthy teams and the first goal was deciding the leader, for both teams had moments. Of course it was highly important to score. And Estonia scored. And we had to risk and go forward to level the score. So there appeared empty zones for counterattacks which the opponents used to score the second goal. Of course I'm disappointed with the defeat, but it was a good match. I have nothing to blame my players for. On the other hand, the tournament is not over and we have to prepare for other games. The guys spent all their forces. Sometimes they lacked skills in completing attacks, especially before the first goal in our woodwork when we had an excellent possibility to open the score. But the winner is the scoring team. The result always corresponds to the game.

– You were showing you displeasure to Loginovs for the whole first half and 20 minutes of the second. Beside you there were your goalkeeper and some defenders who were not glad about him. Why did you substitute Artjoms only on the 66th minute?

– The situation was that Artjoms failed to complete his functions today, to enter the game. Yet, he wasn't playing bad enough for being substituted. We wanted more of him, he's got great potential but hasn't managed some things. And what you've heard from me and his partners was a kind of encouraging shouts. We had to psych him up so that he could keep playing as long as possible. And besides, we needed to understand if those coming for substitution were capable enough to change the game and to strengthen it. Unfortunately they didn't manage it completely. The game was hard and coming for substitution is sometimes not easy. But the substitutions of the opponents made their playing stronger.

Head coach of team Lithuania Arminas Norbekovas:

– I thank my players and Latvian team for a good game. I agree, it was an equal game of two strong teams and each of us could win. We acted not so well in the first half. We failed many aspects: couldn't hold the ball, failed passes. Latvians were obviously better. In the second half fresh players have come to the pitch and changed our playing, but we kept in the memory that 4 defenders of Ukraine have spent 4 matches on this tournament already. We were waiting them to fail and when it had happened, we used our chances. It is a hard period for teams, fourth matches are going on this tournament and everybody has tiredness. But I'm happy that we won and haven't got injuries – it is the most important now.

– Till the moments your team scored goals you stayed silent on the bench. Wouldn't it have been useful to start coordinating game actions of your team earlier?

– We tell our demands and schemes for the match in the changing room just before the starting whistle. We want them to act by themselves on the pitch and help each other in different situations. If there are some wrong situations we prompt them how to avoid mistakes. The players who were on the pitch in the first half have spent much longer time in our team and they are more confident and do not need any prompts from our side. After substitutions I needed changes in our playing schemes. Besides, I do not always keep silent on the bench, but today I had to show them my confidence for them to calm down.

– Whom will you prefer in semifinal? Russia or Kazakhstan?

– Russia is a favorite of this tournament and it will be hard to play against them. But we are happy that we have come to semifinal and there we will play football for pleasure without paying attention to our opponent.

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