Match №23

The match № 23, matches for 9-12 places, seventh tournament day


January 30th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 200 spectators

Referees: Denis Shpilyov, Aleksandr Shimarygin, Aleksey Alekseyev

Kyrgyzstan: Sitolenko (Omorov, 46), Iusupov (Karipov, 32), Kolbaev, Kozubaev (c), Sharsheev, Talantbekov (Talgat, 64), Otkeev (Temirbaev, 68), Umarov (Naidenov, 30), Musabekov, (Sagynbaev, 71) Akhmataliev, Zhyrgalbek (Talaibekov, 63)

Head coach: Anarbek Ormombekov

Moscow: Shafinsky, Kuftin, Daniluk, Burnash (Mamonov, 46), Polyakov (с) (Sokolov, 61), Zaerko (Merejko, 65), Sinyavsky (Kurzenev, 73), Sutormin (Dubchak, 46), Drozdov (Tsybikov, 55), Ajiev (Djukkaev, 81), Hartiyady

Head coach: Vladimir Scherbak

Goals: Zaerko (2), Sinyavsky (8, 15, 29), Sutormin (40)

Yellow cards: Umarov (1), Karimov (42), Naidenov (65), Kurzenev (74)

Best players: Kairat Kolbaev, Semen Sinyavsky


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After match comments

Head coach of team Kyrgyzstan Anarbek Ormombekov:

– I congratulate team Moscow with confident victory. The reason of out defeat is the fast goal. We have conceded a goal on the second minute, couldn't realize it and got one more. We had to regroup but didn't have time. In general we have failed first half.

– Today the doctor of your team helped you to rule the match, didn't he hinder you?

– For sure he has hindered me, everyone has to do his job. Today there were much emotions and it was his nervous breakdown.

– Last year Kyrgyzstan team had taken 9th place, this time you will be lower. What is the reason?

– The team was stronger, there were leaders in it and a spine of 3-4 players. Our captain Valera Kichin was a real leader of the team, he was named one of the best players of the Cup. This year we lack such men.

– What is the continuation of his professional career?

– I think it's good enough as he plays for one of the cubs of Russian Premier League. I'm not sure whether it is "Volga" or "Sibir". He is in training camp with them now.

The only match has left for your team on this Cup. Whom do you want to get as the opponent for it?

– We come here with desire to play against different teams. But I will shout for our neighbors – Tajikistan team. If there is a chance to play against them once more it will be a real Derby. There are no friendly matches between our teams on any level from children to adults. We always fight as if it is a final.

Head coach of team Moscow Vladimir Scherbak:

– Last time I have come here disappointed and now vice versa! I can open the secret: we had a detailed preparation for this match. Kyrgyzstan team is a very serious squad. The final score doesn't depict the whole match. It was difficult emotionally for both teams to come to this game. We have overcome it and Kyrgyzian players haven't. The main problem was on the psychological level.

– The tournament is going to finish, have your expectations of leaders come true?

– Do you mean the final four? I can say – yes. I imagined it in this certain staff. It's a pity that Latvia has left, they are nice and conversable team. I can repeat one more time, the lineup of teams on this Commonwealth Cup is very equal.

– You are in constant contact with Nikolay Pisarev. Will you suggest someone from your team to the national squad?

– It is normal process of our work. Not only me, but all the other coaches of youth teams Dima Ulyanov, Igor Shalimov present information about players to Nikolay Pisarev. For sure by results of this Cup some men from my team will be noted for the national team.

– Moscow team has improved its playing during the tournament. Is the match for the 9th place at the end fair?

– We analyze our games all the time. We have improved during the tournament certainly, but I can't say that we played bad. In the beginning we didn't know all the possibilities of our players, their positions on the pitch and the most useful actions. Then we have cleared it up and defined positions for everybody. The result has come. I have told that I have a good team. We have organized it in a right way. Do you want to know what was the bitter match on this Cup for us? The match against Belarus. The fortune wasn't on our side. We lacked some trinkets for the win. If the final score had been different we would have taken higher places. There is an impression of stolen play-off. I'm proud of my players that they have character to recover in such situation and they have come to this match in a complete readiness to win.

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