Match №24

The match № 24, matches for 9-12 places, seventh tournament day


January 30th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Roman Galimov, Ilya Eleferenko, Ivan Kasyankov

Moldova: Avram, Graur, Bogdan, Jardan, Rata, Anton, Carp (c), Zlatan (Spataru, 54), Dima (Ursu, 77), Mirza, Lisa

Head coach: Alexandr Kurteian

Tajikistan: Gadoyboyev, Beknazarov, Sharipov A. (c), Rustamov (Ergashev, 46), Sharipov F., Rakhmatov (Tursunov, 71), Saidhoni, Abdugafor (Fuzailov, 84), Saidov (Asimov, 46), Jalilov (Juraboev, 46), Rakhmonov

Head coach: Mahmajon Habibuloev

Goals: Bogdan (6), Dima (55), Avram (86, own goal)

Yellow cards: Sharipov (18), Anton (66), Saidhoni (70), Rata (75), Juraboev (75), Abdugafor (81), Tursunov (85)

Best players: Vadim Rata, Abdurasul Rakhmonov


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After match comments

Head coach of team Moldova Alexandr Kurteian:

– The main thing was to score and not to let in. Today we succeeded at last. You see, we now can't score and then we score all the goals in the match. The final score today is 2:1, and all the three goals were scored by our players. Concerning the game, we have been preparing for team Tajikistan, we watched their matches. It's quite a technical and well-organized team. We played rather well at first; in the beginning of the first half we had some moments and we scored. Then the opponent just took the ball from us and we got a trouble. It was especially obvious in the second half when they completely controlled the space. So, the game was interesting, and the main thing is that we started scoring.

– It seemed the guys came on the pitch with rubbery legs. They failed free kicks, and place kicks, and corners. Was it tiredness or something else?

– I believe it's because of the haste. They tried to kick the ball into play. They are young guys, and very ambitious. It's a good quality, a very good quality. Another thing is that haste sometimes doesn't make any good. We played three matches on equal levels and failed to score. So the guys were in a haste to show everybody that we are able to score and to win. But it hinders. I'm always telling them as we train standards: "This standard kick may decide the result of the match". And they're hurrying to realize it. The same is about the goalkeeper. He hasn't played a match for our team but we included him in our staff. So they're nervous, though it's the fourth match already. They are eager to make it faster, eager to win, eager to get everything. So they make haste. So it's not about tiredness. We had two days to rest. We could recover twice as much.

– Your next opponent is team Moscow. Will we see the duel St. Petersburg – Moscow?

– I've got your joke. Well, it's always pleasant to hear supporting. Even if it's not you who are supported. Today Tajikistan has been supported very well. People come to support us as well, they were just shouted down. But if we are supported in the match against Moscow it will be great.

Head coach of team Tajikistan Mahmajon Habibuloev:

– We lost concentration in the beginning of the game for sure. By the middle of both halves we caught the lead and even had scoring chances. I like our playing in second half, we firmly stood on the opponent's part of the pitch. There was a reason for it – I have made substitutions during the break, fresh players came to the field and we began to dominate. There is one thing to do now – congratulate team Moldavia with victory.

– Number 10 of your team has been in the lineup constantly with captain's band. Today he was on the bench and you let him to the pitch with substitution, what is the reason?

– You are right, he is our captain. We let him and two more players from the lineup have some rest today. We lost all second halves on this Cup and today we wanted to improve our game in the second part of it. We had two days for recovering and hoped that our leaders would be fresh enough to sharpen our playing.

– There was an impression, at the same time, that they didn't want to win. With the score 0:2 and 15-20 minutes to play ahead, there were chances to level the score, but nobody went forward.

– We have 2-3 players in our team who have participated in this tournament last year, all the others lack experience. It is the reason: trying to level the score we rush forward and leave free zones behind. We have brought second goal by ourselves. Then we got frightened that we can concede more and began to play more disciplined. By the end of the match, there was nothing to lose and we went forward and scored a goal. I hope that such tournaments will give important experience to our players.

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